AIR-DNA-P CISCO DNA Premier Term Wireless --- 20 $0.00 $0.00 Sample Clauses

AIR-DNA-P CISCO DNA Premier Term Wireless --- 20 $0.00 $0.00. AIR-DNA-P-5Y CISCO DNA Premier Term Wireless 42 Month 42 20 $731.68 $14,633.60

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OGS Centralized Contract Start Date, Term and Extension The Parties agree that this Contract term commences upon execution of the Contract by OGS as evidenced by the date accompanying the OGS signature line through September 8, 2024. A Contractor is eligible to participate in the Mini-bid process upon the OGS Commissioner’s mailing or electronic communication to the address in the contract of the fully executed Contract. All OGS Centralized Contracts resulting from this Solicitation shall have a co-terminus end date, including those Contracts awarded during any subsequent Periodic Recruitment. This OGS Centralized Contract shall be in effect for an initial term of up to three (3) years with two (2) optional three (3) year extensions. Whether the optional extensions are exercised is at the sole discretion of the State. A Contractor shall retain the right to decline a contract extension processed under this section.
Provisioning of High Frequency Spectrum and Splitter Space 3.2.1 BellSouth will provide Momentum with access to the High Frequency Spectrum as follows:
CCS (Common Channel Signaling) A method of transmitting call set-up and network control data over a digital signaling network separate from the public switched telephone network facilities that carry the actual voice or data content of the call.
Unbundled Copper Loop – Designed (UCL-D) The UCL-D will be provisioned as a dry copper twisted pair (2-wire or 4-wire) Loop that is unencumbered by any intervening equipment (e.g., filters, load coils, range extenders, digital loop carrier, or repeaters).
Loop Provisioning Involving Integrated Digital Loop Carriers 2.6.1 Where Momentum has requested an Unbundled Loop and BellSouth uses Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (IDLC) systems to provide the local service to the end user and BellSouth has a suitable alternate facility available, BellSouth will make such alternative facilities available to Momentum. If a suitable alternative facility is not available, then to the extent it is technically feasible, BellSouth will make alternative arrangements available to Momentum (e.g. hairpinning).
Dark Fiber Transport Dark Fiber Transport is defined as Dedicated Transport that consists of unactivated optical interoffice transmission facilities without attached signal regeneration, multiplexing, aggregation or other electronics. Except as set forth in Section 6.9.1 below, BellSouth shall not be required to provide access to Dark Fiber Transport Entrance Facilities pursuant to this Agreement.
DISTRIBUTION OF CONTRACTOR PRICE LIST AND CONTRACT APPENDICES Contractor shall provide Authorized Users with electronic copies of the Contract, including price lists and Appendices, upon request. Contract Updates will be handled as provided in Appendix C – Contract Modification Procedures.
OGS Centralized Contract: Terms and Conditions The terms and conditions set forth in this section are expressly incorporated in and applicable to the Contract. Captions are intended as descriptive and are not intended to limit or otherwise restrict the terms and conditions set forth herein. Appendix A, Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts, dated January 2014, attached hereto, is hereby incorporated in, and expressly made a part of, this Contract. Appendix B, Office of General Services General Specifications, dated January 2015 22772 Project Based Information Technology Consulting (Statewide), attached hereto, is hereby incorporated in, and expressly made a part of, this Contract.
Alpha, Beta, Developer Evaluation, Free Trial and Evaluation License a. In addition to all other applicable terms and conditions, Software provided or accessed for demonstration or evaluation purposes or for alpha or beta testing is subject to the following conditions:
Unbundled Copper Loop – Non-Designed (UCL-ND) The UCL–ND is provisioned as a dedicated 2-wire metallic transmission facility from BellSouth’s Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to a customer’s premises (including the NID). The UCL-ND will be a “dry copper” facility in that it will not have any intervening equipment such as load coils, repeaters, or digital access main lines (DAMLs), and may have up to 6,000 feet of bridged tap between the End User’s premises and the serving wire center. The UCL-ND typically will be 1300 Ohms resistance and in most cases will not exceed 18,000 feet in length, although the UCL-ND will not have a specific length limitation. For Loops less than 18,000 feet and with less than 1300 Ohms resistance, the Loop will provide a voice grade transmission channel suitable for Loop start signaling and the transport of analog voice grade signals. The UCL-ND will not be designed and will not be provisioned with either a DLR or a test point.