AHN Letter; Short Clips Sample Clauses

AHN Letter; Short Clips. From and after the Agreement Date, IVI shall remain obligated to reimburse Mayo, pursuant to the terms of the 1994 Agreement, for Mayo's expenses incurred as a result of the AHN Letter, and Mayo shall continue to provide Source Material to IVI to produce Short Clips pursuant to the terms of the AHN Letter and as otherwise agreed by the parties. All Short Clips shall be governed by the terms of the 1994 Agreement as amended herein, provided, however, notwithstanding the exclusive license for electronic publication of such Short Clips granted to IVI under such 1994 Agreement prior to its amendment hereunder, Mayo may, at its discretion, from and after the Agreement Date, also use and publish all such Short Clips, in whole or in part, as content on the O@sis Site or any other non-O@sis Internet-related project for which Non-O@sis Royalties would be payable to IVI, subject to the restrictions on distribution of the Licensor Materials (as defined therein) imposed by that certain letter agreement dated June 8, 1995 between Mayo and AHN. IVI shall provide copies of all Short Clips to Mayo within fifteen (15) business days after IVI receipt of Mayo's written reasonable request therefor.