AHI Intercompany Account Claims Sample Clauses

AHI Intercompany Account Claims. On the Effective Date, the AHI Intercompany Account Claims shall be deemed to be satisfied in full and any notes or agreements relating thereto shall be deemed of no further force or effect, and neither AHI nor AWWD, nor any successor or assign of either of them or person or entity claiming through any of them, shall have any right to seek further payment of any amounts relating thereto and AWI shall have no obligation to make any payments of any amounts relating thereto, but in consideration thereof AWI agrees to perform its obligations hereunder.

Related to AHI Intercompany Account Claims

  • Intercompany Accounts (a) Each Intercompany Account (other than those set forth on Schedule 2.4(a)) which exists and is reflected immediately prior to the Effective Time in any general ledger account or other Records of Dover, Apergy or any of their respective Affiliates, shall be satisfied and/or settled by the relevant members of the Dover Group and the Apergy Group no later than the Effective Time by (i) forgiveness by the relevant obligee, (ii) one or a related series of distributions of and/or contributions to capital, (iii) payment by the relevant obligor to the relevant obligee, or (iv) dividends or a combination of the foregoing, in each case as determined by Dover.

  • Settlement of Intercompany Accounts Each Intercompany Account outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time, will be satisfied and/or settled in full in cash or otherwise cancelled and terminated or extinguished by the relevant members of the Ensign Group and the Pennant Group prior to the Effective Time, in each case, in the manner agreed to by the Parties.

  • Set Up Accounts (a) Bank shall establish and maintain the following accounts ("Accounts"):

  • Bank Accounts; Offset To secure the repayment of the Obligations Borrower hereby grants to each Lender a security interest, a lien, and a right of offset, each of which shall be in addition to all other interests, liens, and rights of any Lender at common law, under the Loan Documents, or otherwise, and each of which shall be upon and against (a) any and all moneys, securities or other property (and the proceeds therefrom) of Borrower now or hereafter held or received by or in transit to any Lender from or for the account of Borrower, whether for safekeeping, custody, pledge, transmission, collection or otherwise, (b) any and all deposits (general or special, time or demand, provisional or final) of Borrower with any Lender, and (c) any other credits and claims of Borrower at any time existing against any Lender, including claims under certificates of deposit. At any time and from time to time after the occurrence of any Event of Default, each Lender is hereby authorized to foreclose upon, or to offset against the Obligations then due and payable (in either case without notice to Borrower), any and all items hereinabove referred to. The remedies of foreclosure and offset are separate and cumulative, and either may be exercised independently of the other without regard to procedures or restrictions applicable to the other.

  • Bank Accounts; Cash Balances (a) Each Party agrees to take, or cause the members of its Group to take, at the Effective Time (or such earlier time as the Parties may agree), all actions necessary to amend all contracts or agreements governing each bank and brokerage account owned by SpinCo or any other member of the SpinCo Group (collectively, the “SpinCo Accounts”) and all contracts or agreements governing each bank or brokerage account owned by Parent or any other member of the Parent Group (collectively, the “Parent Accounts”) so that each such SpinCo Account and Parent Account, if currently Linked (whether by automatic withdrawal, automatic deposit or any other authorization to transfer funds from or to, hereinafter “Linked”) to any Parent Account or SpinCo Account, respectively, is de-Linked from such Parent Account or SpinCo Account, respectively.

  • Cash Accounts (i) All cash received or held by the Bank or by any entity authorized to hold Property in accordance with Section 7 hereof as interest, dividends, proceeds from transfer, and other payments for or with respect to the Securities shall be (x) held in a cash account in accordance with properly authorized Instructions received by the Bank or such entity, or (y) if specified in the Fund's Instructions, converted to or from U.S. dollars and remitted to the Fund. The Fund shall bear any foreign exchange risk in connection with any such conversion. In effecting any currency conversions hereunder, the Bank or such entity may use any methods or agencies as it may see fit including the Bank's or such entity's facilities at customary rates.

  • Intercompany Arrangements The Company does not own any note, bond, debenture or other indebtedness, or is not otherwise a creditor, of any Seller or any of its Affiliates. Since the Balance Sheet Date, there has not been any payment by the Company to any Seller or any of its Affiliates, charge by any Seller or any of its Affiliates to the Company or other transaction between the Company and a Seller or any of its Affiliates, except in any such case in the ordinary course of business of the Company consistent with past practice.

  • Deposit Accounts; Securities Accounts Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default and during continuation thereof, the Administrative Agent may prevent withdrawals or other dispositions of funds in Deposit Accounts and Securities Accounts subject to control agreements or held with any Secured Party.

  • Control Accounts The Agent shall maintain on its books a control account or accounts in which shall be recorded (a) the amount of any Unpaid Sum and the face amount of each Letter of Credit issued hereunder, (b) the amount of all fees, interest and other sums due or to become due from the Borrower and (c) the amount of any sum received or recovered by the Agent hereunder.

  • Deposit Accounts, Securities Accounts and Commodity Accounts Attached hereto as Schedule 13 is a true and complete list of all Deposit Accounts, Securities Accounts and Commodity Accounts (each as defined in the Security Agreement) maintained by each Company, including the name of each institution where each such account is held, the name of each such account, the name of each entity that holds each account and stating if such account is required to be subject to a control agreement pursuant to the Security Agreement and the reason for such account to be excluded from the control agreement requirement.