Agricultural Industry Organizations Sample Clauses

Agricultural Industry Organizations. An organization registered with the Secretary of State, including Cooperatives and Trade Associations.

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  • Professional Organizations During the Term, Executive shall be reimbursed by the Company for the annual dues payable for membership in professional societies associated with subject matter related to the Company's interests. New memberships for which reimbursement will be sought shall be approved by the Company in advance.

  • Agricultural Export Subsidies 1. The Parties share the objective of the multilateral elimination of export subsidies for agricultural goods and shall work together toward an agreement in the WTO to eliminate those subsidies and prevent their reintroduction in any form.

  • Technical and Organizational Measures The following sections define SAP’s current technical and organizational measures. SAP may change these at any time without notice so long as it maintains a comparable or better level of security. Individual measures may be replaced by new measures that serve the same purpose without diminishing the security level protecting Personal Data.

  • Agricultural cooperation The aims of the cooperation on agriculture will be: (a) to promote sustainable rural development through the exchange of experience, generation of partnership and execution of projects in areas of mutual interest such as: agricultural innovation and technology transfer for the development of small farming, the conservation and management of the water resource for agricultural use, the application of good agricultural and agro industrial practices, including gender approach in development policies and strategies, among others; (b) to promote the exchange of relevant information for agricultural exports between the 2 markets; and (c) to develop a training program addressed to leader producers, technicians and professionals for the application of new technologies in order to increase and improve agriculture and animal husbandry productivity and competitiveness, in particular of value added products.

  • Agriculture 1. Closed to Foreign Investors « For each individual crop cultivation in an area less than or equal to 25 hectares: - Main food crops are corn, soy, peanuts, green beans, rice, cassava, sweet potato; other food crops are wheat, oats, barley, rye, millet, taro, and other food crops not classified elsewhere (ISIC 0111, 0112). « For each individual crop cultivation in an area less than 25 hectares: - Estate crops as follows: > Sugar cane and other sweetening plant cultivation, tobacco plantation, rubber and other producing latex plantations, cotton plantation, textile raw material crop plantation, Medicinal/pharmaceutical crop plantation, essential oil crop plantation, and other crop plantation that is not classified in other location (ISIC 0111, 0112) > Coconut plantation, palm plantation, beverage material crop plantation (tea, coffee, and cocoa), cashew plantation, peppercorn plantation, clove plantation, and other spices crop plantation (ISIC 0113) - Breeding and propagation of the following: > Jatropha curcas plantation, sugar cane and other sweetening plants, tobacco plant, rubber and other latex producing plants, textile raw material plant, medical/pharmaceutical plant, cotton plant, essential oil plant, and other plants that are not classified in other location (ISIC 0111, 0112) > Coconut plant, palm plant, plants for beverage material (tea, coffee, and cocoa), cashew plant, peppercorn plant, clove plantation, and other spices plant (ISIC 0113) - Breeding and Propagation of Forest plants (ISIC 0111, 0200) « Pig breeding and farming in a quantity less than or equal to 125 heads, native chicken ("ayam buras") and its cross- breeding and farming (ISIC 0122) « Plantation processing product business industry below certain capacity according to Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 26 of 2007: - Dry Clove Flower Industry (ISIC 0140) « Capturing and Propagating Wildlife from natural Habitat except reptiles (snake, lizard, turtle, soft shell turtle and crocodile) (ISIC 0150)

  • Regulated Industries Neither the Borrower nor any of its Subsidiaries is (i) an "investment company," a company "controlled" by an "investment company," or an "investment advisor," within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, or (ii) a "holding company," a "subsidiary company" of a "holding company," or an "affiliate" of a "holding company" or of a "subsidiary company" of a "holding company," within the meaning of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as amended.

  • Professional Qualifications It shall be a condition of continued professional employment that employees must apply for enrolment in their appropriate professional licensing body by the thirtieth day of continuous service.

  • Business Development Company Buyer is a business development company as defined in Section 202(a)(22) of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

  • Status as Business Development Company The Borrower is an “investment company” that has elected to be regulated as a “business development company” within the meaning of the Investment Company Act and qualifies as a RIC.

  • Technical and Organisational Measures (1) Before the commencement of processing, the Supplier shall document the execution of the necessary Technical and Organisational Measures, set out in advance of the awarding of the Order or Contract, specifically with regard to the detailed execution of the contract, and shall present these documented measures to the Client for inspection. Upon acceptance by the Client, the documented measures become the foundation of the contract. Insofar as the inspection/audit by the Client shows the need for amendments, such amendments shall be implemented by mutual agreement.