Agreement to Participate in Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Sample Clauses

Agreement to Participate in Law Enforcement Mutual Aid. The Signatory Public Agency to this LEMAA agrees that, in the event of an Emergency or Disaster, it will respond to requests for assistance by a Requesting Public Agency with such Law Enforcement Personnel, equipment, resources, facilities, or services as are, in the opinion of the Responding Public Agency, available and useful and being requested by a Requesting Public Agency. Possible responses shall include, but not be limited to, merely being on “stand by,” providing the benefit of prior experience or consultation and/or actual “hands-on” participation in law enforcement activities in the jurisdiction of the Requesting Public Agency any one of which may also entail the provision of equipment, resources, facilities or other services. Provided, however, that each Responding Public Agency reserves the right to refuse to render assistance or to recall any or all rendered assistance, whenever it believes that such refusal or recall is necessary to ensure adequate protection of its own jurisdiction’s property, citizenry or personnel.It is expected that requests for Mutual Aid under this Agreement will be initiated only when the needs of the Requesting Public Agency exceed its resources. Responding Public Agencies’ resources will be released and returned to their own respective jurisdictions by the Requesting Public Agency as soon as the situation is restored to the point where the Requesting Public Agency is able to satisfactorily handle the emergency or disaster with its own resources or when a Responding Public Agency decides to recall its assistance.Whenever an Emergency or Disaster is of such magnitude and consequence that it is deemed advisable by the highest-ranking officer present of the Requesting Public Agency to request assistance from a Responding Public Agency, he is hereby authorized to do so under the terms of this LEMAA. The highest-ranking officer present of the Responding Public Agency is authorized to, and shall forthwith take, the following actions: Immediately determine what type of assistance is being requested. Immediately determine if the requested resources, equipment and/or Law Enforcement Personnel can be committed to the Requesting Public Agency. Immediately dispatch, in consultation and coordination with the ILEAS dispatcher, the resources, equipment and/or Law Enforcement Personnel that are available to the Requesting Public Agency.At the Emergency or Disaster site, the highest-ranking officer of the Requesting Public Agency who is present shall assume full responsibility and command for operations at the scene. Law Enforcement Personnel from the Responding Public Agencies shall report to, and shall work under, the direction and supervision of the Requesting Public Agency. Provided, however, that at all times, the personnel of the Responding Public Agency shall remain employees of their own agency and shall adhere to the policies and procedures of their own employer. While working under the direction of the Requesting Public Agency, Law Enforcement Personnel shall only be required to respond to lawful orders. All equipment provided or services performed under this LEMAA shall be provided without reimbursement to the Responding Public Agency from the Requesting Public Agency. Nothing contained herein shall prohibit a Responding Public Agency or ILEAS from seeking reimbursement or defrayment of any expenses it may have incurred in responding to a Mutual Aid request from other sources. The Requesting Public Agency agrees to cooperate with any effort to seek reimbursement or defrayment of Mutual Aid expenses on the part of Responding Public Agencies or ILEAS.All Requesting Public Agencies, Responding Public Agencies and ILEAS are required to keep expense and accounting records to identify the costs and expenses of any Mutual Aid provided under this LEMAA.Each Responding Public Agency shall assume sole responsibility for insuring or indemnifying its own employees, as provided by state, federal law and/or local ordinance, and for providing personnel benefits, including benefits that arise due to injury or death, to their own employees as required by state or federal law just as if the employee would have been working as an employee of the Responding Public Agency in its own home jurisdiction. Each Responding Public Agency shall also be responsible, regardless of fault, for replacing or repairing any damage to its own vehicles or equipment that occurs while providing assistance under this LEMAA.The Requesting Public Agency agrees that this LEMAA shall not give rise to any liability or responsibility for the failure of any other Signatory Public Agency to respond to any request for assistance made pursuant to this LEMAA.Each Responding Public Agency under this LEMAA further agrees that each Responding Public Agency will be responsible for defending itself in any action or dispute that arises in connection with, or as the result of, this LEMAA and that each Responding Public Agency will be responsible for bearing its own costs, damages, losses, expenses and attorney fees.