Agreement regarding Non-Solicitation Sample Clauses

Agreement regarding Non-Solicitation. Each Member covenants and agrees that, for so long as it is a Member and for a period of twelve (12) months immediately thereafter, it shall not, and shall not permit any of its Affiliates to, directly or indirectly, (i) encourage any person who is or was, at any time during the immediately preceding one hundred eighty (180) day period, an employee of the Company (other than an employee appointed by or seconded from such Member or any of its Affiliates) or a Restricted Member to leave such employment or hire any such person, except pursuant to a general solicitation that is not directed specifically to any such person, or (ii) encourage any vendor, customer, consultant, distributor, independent contractor or supplier of the Company or a Restricted Member to cease doing business with or reduce the amount of business it does with the Company or such Restricted Member or to terminate or modify its contractual relationship with the Company or such Restricted Member. “Restricted Member” means a Person that, as of the moment in question, is a current Member or was a Member within the twelve (12) months immediately preceding such moment.