Agreed-Upon Sample Clauses

Agreed-Upon. Methodologies (to be used in making actuarial calculations under this Agreement) shall be the discount rates, mortality tables and other assumptions expressed in Section 417(e) of the Code, with the following adjustments: (i) the 1994 Group Annuity Reserving Table shall be used in place of the 50/50 male/female mortality table, and (ii) the applicable discount rate shall be the discount rate to be utilized under such Section 417(e), as published for January of the year in which the calculation is being made (or of the previous year if as of the time of such calculation no January data has been published for the year in which the calculation is being made).

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  • Termination Upon Sale Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, a Party may terminate this Agreement as to a specific operating area or portion thereof of such Party if such Party sells or otherwise transfers the area or portion thereof. The Party shall provide the other Party with at least ninety (90) calendar days' prior written notice of such termination, which shall be effective on the date specified in the notice. Notwithstanding termination of this Agreement as to a specific operating area, this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect in the remaining operating areas.

  • Distribution upon Dissolution Upon dissolution, the Partnership shall not be terminated and shall continue until the winding up of the affairs of the Partnership is completed. Upon the winding up of the Partnership, the General Partner, or any other Person designated by the General Partner (the “Liquidation Agent”), shall take full account of the assets and liabilities of the Partnership and shall, unless the General Partner determines otherwise, liquidate the assets of the Partnership as promptly as is consistent with obtaining the fair value thereof. The proceeds of any liquidation shall be applied and distributed in the following order:

  • Winding Up Affairs Upon Termination In the event that this Contract is terminated for any reason, the parties agree that the provisions of this paragraph survive termination:

  • LOCATION WITHIN ENTERPRISE OR REINVESTMENT ZONE At the time of the Application Approval Date, the Land is within an area designated either as an enterprise zone, pursuant to Chapter 2303 of the TEXAS GOVERNMENT CODE, or a reinvestment zone, pursuant to Chapter 311 or 312 of the TEXAS TAX CODE. The legal description, and information concerning the designation, of such zone is attached to this Agreement as EXHIBIT 1 and is incorporated herein by reference for all purposes.

  • Termination Upon Notice Any provision herein notwithstanding, Introgen may terminate this Agreement, in its entirety, as to any particular patent or patent application within the Licensed Patents or as to any particular Licensed Product, at any time by giving Corixa written notice thereof. From and after the effective date of a termination under this Section 9.4 with respect to a particular patent or application, such patent(s) and patent application(s) in the particular country shall cease to be within the Licensed Patents for all purposes of this Agreement, and all rights and obligations of Introgen with respect to such patent(s) and patent application(s) shall terminate. From and after the effective date of a termination under this Section 9.4 with respect to a particular Licensed Product, the Exclusive License shall terminate with respect to such Licensed Product, and the same shall cease to be a Licensed Product for all purposes of this Agreement. Upon a termination of this Agreement in its entirety under this Section 9.4, (a) all rights and obligations of the parties shall terminate, except as provided in Section 9.9 below and (b) all payments set forth in Sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 shall accelerate and shall be due and payable to Corixa on the effective date of such termination.

  • Termination Upon Repurchase or Liquidation of All Mortgage Loans.................153 SECTION 9.02.

  • Transfer Upon Realization of Pledged, Mortgaged or Charged Escrow Securities (1) You may transfer within escrow to a financial institution the escrow securities you have pledged, mortgaged or charged under section 4.2 to that financial institution as collateral for a loan on realization of the loan.

  • Liquidation Upon Dissolution Upon the dissolution of the LLC, sole and plenary authority to effectuate the liquidation of the assets of the LLC shall be vested in the Member, which shall have full power and authority to sell, assign and encumber any and all of the LLC’s assets and to wind up and liquidate the affairs of the LLC in an orderly and business-like manner. The proceeds of liquidation of the assets of the LLC distributable upon a dissolution and winding up of the LLC shall be applied in the following order of priority:

  • Realization Upon Liquidating Receivables The Servicer shall use reasonable efforts, consistent with its customary practices, policies and procedures, to repossess or otherwise comparably convert the ownership or gain control of any Financed Vehicle that it has reasonably determined should be repossessed or otherwise converted following a default under the Receivable secured by the Financed Vehicle. The Servicer is authorized to follow such customary practices, policies and procedures as it follows with respect to comparable motor vehicle related receivables that it services for itself or others, which customary practices, policies and procedures may include reasonable efforts to realize upon any recourse to Dealers, selling the related Financed Vehicle at public or private sale and the taking of other actions by the Servicer in order to realize upon such a Receivable. The Servicer is hereby authorized to exercise its discretion consistent with its customary practices, policies and procedures and the terms of the Basic Documents, in servicing Liquidating Receivables so as to maximize the net collections of those Liquidating Receivables, including the discretion to choose to sell or not to sell any of the Liquidating Receivables itself on behalf of the Depositor or any other Owner. The Servicer shall not be liable for any such exercise of its discretion made in good faith and in accordance with such servicing procedures. The foregoing is subject to the provision that, in any case in which the Financed Vehicle shall have suffered damage, the Servicer shall not expend funds in connection with any repair or towards the repossession of such Financed Vehicle unless it shall determine in its discretion that such repair or repossession shall increase the proceeds of liquidation of the related Receivable by an amount greater than the amount of such expenses. The Servicer shall be entitled to receive Liquidation Expenses with respect to each Liquidating Receivable at such time as the Receivable becomes a Liquidating Receivable (or as may otherwise be provided in the Pooling Agreement and the Further Transfer Agreements).

  • Distributions Upon Dissolution Upon the dissolution of the Company, the properties of the Company to be sold shall be liquidated in orderly fashion and the proceeds thereof, and the property to be distributed in kind, shall be distributed as follows: