Affordable Housing Obligation Sample Clauses

Affordable Housing Obligation. 22 9.4 Parcel 5B4 Ski Trail........................................23 9.5 SPLC Ski Credits............................................23 9.6 New Village Master Management Agreement.....................24 9.7 Restrictions on Future Developments of Killington Property..24 9.8 Taxes.......................................................24
Affordable Housing Obligation. Because of the special benefits provided by the Project as described in this Agreement, the City has provided the Project with a variance from its affordable housing obligations as permitted by the Balanced Communities Policy and Guidelines. The Project shall hereafter satisfy its affordable housing obligations by the following two requirements:
Affordable Housing Obligation. Developer shall satisfy its affordable housing obligation in accordance with the Resolution by constructing two units (a one-bedroom unit and a three-bedroom unit) in the project as specified on the Site Plan.
Affordable Housing Obligation. The Project is a fully commercial project and therefore, no affordable housing will be constructed on the Property. The Redeveloper, in fulfillment of its obligation to provide for Affordable Housing, shall make the applicable contribution to the Township’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The contribution shall be calculated and provided in accord with the provisions of the Township Code Article XXXVI. “Development Fees” (§57-164.E), as such provisions may be amended from time to time.
Affordable Housing Obligation. Pursuant to that certain Agreement with Rutland West Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. for Payments Related to Providing Affordable Housing (the "Affordable Housing Agreement") dated December 24, 1999, by and between Rutland West Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. ("Rutland West"), ASCRP and Killington, the ASC Parties agreed to pay certain fees to Rutland West to be used by Rutland West to provide affordable housing to residents of Rutland County, Vermont. Notwithstanding anything in the Affordable Housing Agreement to the contrary, SPLC agrees to pay such fees only to the extent such fees relate to the SPLC Property and Killington agrees to pay such fees only to the extent such fees relate to the Killington Property. Killington and SPLC agree to cooperate with one another in obtaining a formal amendment to the Affordable Housing Agreement with Rutland West to clarify that Killington is only liable for such fees that are applicable to the Killington Property and SPLC is only liable for such fees that are applicable to the SPLC Property.

Related to Affordable Housing Obligation

  • Post-Closing Obligations Borrower shall, and shall cause each Credit Party to, complete each of the post-closing obligations and/or deliver to Agent each of the documents, instruments, agreements and information listed on the Post-Closing Obligations Schedule attached hereto, on or before the date set forth for each such item thereon (as may be extended by the Agent in writing in its sole discretion), each of which shall be completed or provided in form and substance satisfactory to Agent and Lenders.

  • Reporting Obligations As long as any Holder shall own Registrable Securities, the Company, at all times while it shall be a reporting company under the Exchange Act, covenants to file timely (or obtain extensions in respect thereof and file within the applicable grace period) all reports required to be filed by the Company after the date hereof pursuant to Sections 13(a) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act and to promptly furnish the Holders with true and complete copies of all such filings. The Company further covenants that it shall take such further action as any Holder may reasonably request, all to the extent required from time to time to enable such Holder to sell shares of Common Stock held by such Holder without registration under the Securities Act within the limitation of the exemptions provided by Rule 144 promulgated under the Securities Act (or any successor rule promulgated thereafter by the Commission), including providing any legal opinions. Upon the request of any Holder, the Company shall deliver to such Holder a written certification of a duly authorized officer as to whether it has complied with such requirements.