Advances under Facility Sample Clauses

Advances under Facility. Section 2.3 of the Loan Agreement is hereby amended to add Section 2.3.6, 2.3.7 and 2.3.8 as follows:
Advances under Facility. 2.3.1 Each request by the Borrower for an advance under the Facility (an “Advance”), will be made by the delivery of a duly completed and executed Borrowing Notice to the Lender not later than 12:00 p.m. (New York time) on the third Business Day prior to the date of the proposed Advance. Each Borrowing Notice will specify the purpose of the proposed Advance and if the purpose is to fund the acquisition of an Acquired Property, the requirements of Section 4.1 will have been complied with in respect of such proposed acquisition (including the Lender having approved the proposed Acquired Property).

Related to Advances under Facility

  • Term Advances The Borrower shall repay to the Agent for the ratable account of the Term Lenders on the Maturity Date the aggregate principal amount of the Term Advances then outstanding.

  • Revolving Advances The Lender agrees, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to make advances (“Revolving Advances”) to the Borrower from time to time from the date that all of the conditions set forth in 4.1 are satisfied (the “Funding Date”) to and until (but not including) the Termination Date in an amount not in excess of the Maximum Line Amount. The Lender shall have no obligation to make a Revolving Advance to the extent that the amount of the requested Revolving Advance exceeds Availability. The Borrower’s obligation to pay the Revolving Advances shall be evidenced by the Revolving Note and shall be secured by the Collateral. Within the limits set forth in this Section 2.1, the Borrower may borrow, prepay pursuant to Section 2.10, and reborrow.

  • Revolver Advances (a) Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and during the term of this Agreement, each Lender with a Revolver Commitment agrees (severally, not jointly or jointly and severally) to make advances (“Advances”) to Borrower in an amount at any one time outstanding not to exceed such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of an amount equal to the lesser of (i) the Maximum Revolver Amount less the Letter of Credit Usage at such time, and (ii) the Borrowing Base at such time less the Letter of Credit Usage at such time.

  • Loan Advances In accordance with the related Confirmation Statement and subject to clause (i) above, Lender shall advance a Loan to Borrower in a principal amount up to the applicable Advance Amount. Each Loan advance hereunder shall be recorded as such by Lender and be evidenced by the "Loan Schedule" attached to the Note, and any repayments of each such Loan shall be recorded as such by Lender and be evidenced by such "Loan Schedule"; provided, however, that the failure of such recordation by Lender shall not affect the rights of the parties hereunder with respect to such Loan.

  • LOANS, ADVANCES, INVESTMENTS Make any loans or advances to or investments in any person or entity, except any of the foregoing existing as of, and disclosed to Bank prior to, the date hereof.

  • Term Loan Advances Subject to the prior satisfaction of all other applicable conditions to the making of a Term Loan Advance set forth in this Agreement, to obtain a Term Loan Advance, Borrower (via an individual duly authorized by an Administrator) shall notify Bank (which notice shall be irrevocable) by electronic mail by 12:00 p.m. Pacific time on the Funding Date of the Term Loan Advance. Such notice shall be made by Borrower through Bank’s online banking program, provided, however, if Borrower is not utilizing Bank’s online banking program, then such notice shall be in a written format acceptable to Bank that is executed by an Authorized Signer. Bank shall have received satisfactory evidence that the Board has approved that such Authorized Signer may provide such notices and request Term Loan Advances. In connection with such notification, Borrower must promptly deliver to Bank by electronic mail or through Bank’s online banking program a completed Payment/Advance Form executed by an Authorized Signer together with such other reports and information, as Bank may request in its sole discretion. Bank shall credit proceeds of any Term Loan Advance to the Designated Deposit Account. Bank may make Term Loan Advances under this Agreement based on instructions from an Authorized Signer or without instructions if the Term Loan Advances are necessary to meet Obligations which have become due.

  • Maximum Advances In the case of any type of Advance requested to be made, after giving effect thereto, the aggregate amount of such type of Advance shall not exceed the maximum amount of such type of Advance permitted under this Agreement. Each request for an Advance by any Borrower hereunder shall constitute a representation and warranty by each Borrower as of the date of such Advance that the conditions contained in this subsection shall have been satisfied.

  • Equipment Advances (a) Subject to and upon the terms and conditions of this Agreement, at any time from the Closing Date through the Equipment Drawdown Expiration Period, Bank agrees to make advances (each an "Equipment Advance" and, collectively, the "Equipment Advances") to Borrower in an aggregate outstanding amount not to exceed the Equipment Line. Each Equipment Advance shall not exceed ninety percent (90%) of the invoice amount of equipment, software and corporate purposes approved by Bank from time to time (which Borrower shall, in any case, have purchased within 90 days of the date of the corresponding Equipment Advance), excluding taxes, shipping, warranty charges, freight discounts and installation expense.

  • Advances; Reimbursement of Advances (a) From time to time, (i) pursuant to terms of the Servicing Agreement, the Lead Servicer and/or the related Trustee may be obligated to make (1) Property Advances with respect to the Mortgage Loan or the Mortgaged Property and (2) P&I Advances with respect to the Lead Note and (ii) pursuant to the terms of a Non-Lead Servicing Agreement, the related Non-Lead Master Servicer and/or the related Trustee may be obligated to make P&I Advances with respect to a Non-Lead Note. The Lead Servicer and/or the related Trustee will not be required to make any P&I Advance with respect to any Non-Lead Note and the related Non-Lead Master Servicer and/or the related Trustee will not be required to make any P&I Advance with respect to any Lead Note, any other Non-Lead Note or any Property Advance. The Lead Servicer, each Non-Lead Master Servicer and any Trustee will be entitled to interest on any Advance made in the manner and from the sources provided in the Note A-1 PSA or the Note A-2 PSA, as applicable.

  • Application of Prepayments of Loans to Base Rate Loans and Eurodollar Rate Loans Considering each Class of Loans being prepaid separately, any prepayment thereof shall be applied first to Base Rate Loans to the full extent thereof before application to Eurodollar Rate Loans, in each case in a manner which minimizes the amount of any payments required to be made by Borrower pursuant to Section 2.18(c).