Adjustment of Seniority for Leaves Furloughs Sample Clauses

Adjustment of Seniority for Leaves Furloughs 

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Termination of Seniority Seniority and the employment relationship shall be terminated for all purposes if the employee:
Retention of Seniority (a) Any employee, other than a probationary employee, whose employment ceases through no fault of his own, shall retain seniority and shall be recalled on the following basis:
Calculation of Seniority For the purpose of this Article, "seniority" shall be defined as continuous employment at the university in positions within the bargaining unit. An authorized leave of absence, pursuant to Article 18 or 19 of this Agreement, shall not be deemed an interruption of continuous service. For purposes of this Section, a full-time ASF Member on a nine (9) to twelve (12) month appointment or a part time ASF Members on a seventy five percent (75%) time or greater appointment for twelve (12) months shall be considered to have accrued one (1) year of seniority. For other part time ASF Member and for first year full time ASF Members whose FTE is less than seventy five (75) percent (75%), the number of months of seniority will be credited based on the FTE of the individual's appointment. If an ASF Member has an assignment in more than one department, program or service area, all seniority will be credited in the one in which the ASF Member is assigned the greatest percentage of time. If the assignment is split equally between more than one department, program or service area, then the President/designee will designate that one in which all seniority will be credited prior to the issuance of the subsequent seniority roster. If two (2) or more ASF Members have equal seniority, then those with greater length of service in permanent status shall have priority for retention. Should ASF Members still be equal in seniority, then the decision of which person to retain will be made on the basis of ASF Member competence and programmatic needs of the university as determined by the President. A seniority roster shall be posed by the President or his/her designee on or before November 1 of each year, and a copy of such rosters shall be furnished to the Campus Association President. Grievances concerning the accuracy of the roster must be filed within thirty (30) calendar days of publication of the roster and must be limited to changes made and shown on the most recent roster. ASF Members on leave status at the time of posting of the seniority roster shall have thirty (30) calendar days after the end of such leave within which to file a grievance. The format of the seniority roster shall be the same for each university. The rosters shall contain all relevant information necessary to implement this Article, including a notification of any department, program or service area in which the ASF Member has served at least thirty-six (36) FTE months.
Determination of Seniority Seniority records shall be maintained by the University and shall be based on the employee's seniority date. The University shall maintain current records on seniority for use in the application of these provisions and they shall be available whenever a Union representative shall raise a question of seniority. Such lists and records shall also show the job title and latest employment date with the University for each person, and a copy of the list shall be furnished to the Union every six (6) months, upon request.
Accumulation of Seniority The seniority of an employee shall continue to accrue during an absence due to:
Distributions on Account of Separation from Service If and to the extent required to comply with Section 409A, no payment or benefit required to be paid under this Agreement on account of termination of the Executive’s employment shall be made unless and until the Executive incurs a “separation from service” within the meaning of Section 409A.
Accrual of Seniority Seniority shall accrue during:
Loss of Seniority An employee shall lose all seniority and service and shall be deemed to have terminated if he:
Classification Seniority The length of service in a job classification with the State of Minnesota, beginning with the date an employee begins to serve a probationary appointment.
Death After Separation from Service But Before Benefit Distributions Commence If the Executive is entitled to benefit distributions under this Agreement, but dies prior to the commencement of said benefit distributions, the Bank shall distribute to the Beneficiary the same benefits that the Executive was entitled to prior to death except that the benefit distributions shall commence within thirty (30) days following receipt by the Bank of the Executive’s death certificate.