Adjusted Return Spread on Regulatory Total Capital Sample Clauses

Adjusted Return Spread on Regulatory Total Capital. Definition: The spread between (a) adjusted net income divided by daily average regulatory total capital and (b) the average daily Overnight Federal funds effective rate (Fed Effective).Measure:Adjusted net income is defined as follows:◦Net income calculated under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)◦Plus recorded AHP assessments◦Excluding the impact or adjustment required because of Accounting Standards Codification 815 (ASC 815)◦Plus dividends on redeemable Class A and Class B Common Stock treated as interest expense under ASC 450◦Minus prepayment fees◦Minus/plus realized or unrealized gains/losses on securities (excludes any charges for other-than-temporary impairment of securities)◦Minus/plus gains/losses on mortgage loans held for sale◦Minus/plus gains/losses on early retirement of debt and related derivatives◦Minus/plus any amortization/accretion of premium/discount on unswapped mortgage-backed securities in the FHLBank’s trading portfolio (not amortized/accreted under GAAP)◦Less a calculated 10% AHP assessmentPerformance Range: