Additional Holiday Declared Sample Clauses

Additional Holiday Declared. If during the life of this Agreement, the Federal or Provincial Government declares or proclaims any other day than those listed herein as a Holiday, then employees shall receive said day off with pay as set out herein.

Related to Additional Holiday Declared

  • Additional Holidays Every day declared by the President, or the Governor of this State, as a public fast, mourning, thanksgiving, or holiday, or any day declared by the Governing Board under Education Code Section 45203 shall be a paid holiday for all employees in the bargaining unit.

  • Personal Holiday A. Each employee may select one personal holiday each calendar year in accordance with the following:

  • Additional Hours When the Appointing Authority assigns additional hours within the fourteen (14) day posting period to part-time employees whose established work day is less than eight (8) hours to work additional hours on a scheduled day of work, the hours shall be distributed to employees then on duty as provided in the applicable overtime distribution language.

  • Personal Holidays An employee may choose one (1) workday as a personal holiday during each calendar year if the employee has been continuously employed by the State of Washington for more than four (4) months.

  • Saturday Sunday and designated paid holidays shall not be counted in determining the time within which any action is to be taken or completed under the grievance procedure.

  • Holiday Falling on Saturday or Sunday For an employee whose normal workweek is from Monday to Friday and when any of the above-noted holidays falls on a Saturday and is not proclaimed as being observed on another day, the following Monday will be deemed to be the holiday. When a holiday falls on a Sunday and it is not proclaimed as being observed on another day, the following Monday (or Tuesday, where the preceding section already applies), will be deemed to be the holiday for the purpose of this agreement.

  • Sunday Premium pay provided for in this section shall not apply to time spent for educational purposes.

  • Annual Holidays a Operatives will be paid for 25 days (in the case of a normal working week of 5 days) of annual holidays or the pro rata equivalent if working part time (subject to sufficient holiday credits having been accrued at the time the holiday is taken).

  • Payment for Working on a Holiday (The following clause is applicable to full-time employees only) If an employee is required to work on any of the holidays set out in the local Appendix the employee shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half (1-1/2) her regular straight time hourly rate of pay for all hours worked on such holiday subject to Article 16.04. In addition, if the employee qualifies in accordance with Article 16.02 above the employee will receive a lieu day off with pay in the amount of the employee's regular straight time hourly rate of pay times the employee's normal daily hours of work. Other provisions if any, relating to the scheduling of lieu days or relating to the payment of holiday pay instead of receiving a lieu day off are located in the Local Provisions Appendix.

  • NO STRIKE OR LOCK-OUT 6.01 It is understood and agreed that there is to be no strike or lock-out during the lifetime of this Agreement, the definitions of "strike" and "lock-out" being as defined by the Ontario Labour Relations Act.