Addenda to the Contract Sample Clauses

Addenda to the Contract. A. During the proposal period, the TOWN reserves the unilateral right to amend this RFP in writing at any time. The TOWN also reserves the right to cancel or reissue the RFP at its sole discretion.

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  • PARTIES TO THE CONTRACT This Contract is solely between the Company and the SBA which administers the FHCF. In no instance shall any insured of the Company or any claimant against an insured of the Company, or any other third party, have any rights under this Contract, except as provided in Article XIV. The SBA will only disburse funds to the Company, except as provided for in Article XIV of this Contract. The Company shall not, without the prior approval of the Office of Insurance Regulation, sell, assign, or transfer to any third party, in return for a fee or other consideration any sums the FHCF pays under this Contract or the right to receive such sums.

  • AMENDMENTS TO THE CONTRACT The Contract shall be amended as follows:

  • Term of the Contract The term of the Contract will begin on the Effective Date and will conclude on the Expiration Date. The Parties may renew the Contract for an additional period or periods, but the Contract Term may not exceed a total of eight (8) years. All reserved contract extensions beyond the Expiration Date will be subject to good faith negotiations between the Parties and mutual agreement to the extension(s).

  • of the Contract (7) No action can be instituted on this bond after one year from the date of Final Completion as determined pursuant to Article 6.2.2. SIGNED AND SEALED THIS DAY OF , 20 . ATTEST: (NAME OF Contractor) By Secretary(*) President (SURETY) (*)(*) (TITLE) (*) Please apply seal of Corporation over Secretary’s Signature. (*)(*)Please apply seal of Surety and arrange for countersignature by a “Georgia Licensed Agent” of Surety pursuant to O.C.G.A. §33-23-5. Kindly show title of the aforesaid agent as “Georgia Licensed Agent.” (*) Attach Power of Attorney GEORGIA SECURITY AND IMMIGRATION COMPLIANCE ACT AFFIDAVIT(S)

  • Copies of Contract Documents to Contractor Without charge to the Contractor the Design Professional shall furnish to the Contractor up to five sets of completed Contract Documents in hardcopy, one set of reproducible and electronic background floor and reflected ceiling plan drawings and, if requested, one copy in read-only electronic format. The Contractor may obtain such additional sets of Contract Documents, as the Contractor deems necessary and shall pay the cost of reproduction of such additional sets to the Design Professional.

  • Contract Modifications The COUNTY and the RECIPIENT may, from time to time, request changes in services being performed with these funds. Any such changes that are mutually agreed upon shall be incor- porated herein by written amendment to this CONTRACT. It is mutually agreed and understood that no alteration or variation of the terms of this CONTRACT shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by the parties hereto, and that any oral understanding or agreements not incorporated herein shall not be binding. For example and without limitation, an amendment to this CONTRACT must be approved in writing by the COUNTY prior to the RECIPIENT expending funds for the items covered within that amendment. Costs incurred by the RECIPIENT in contravention of this Paragraph are the sole responsibility of the RECIPIENT.

  • SUBJECT OF THE CONTRACT 1.1 The bank shall open account(s) for the client, carry out its banking operations and provide services as described in this agreement according to the terms and conditions stipulated herein.

  • OPTION NOT A SERVICE CONTRACT Your option is not an employment or service contract, and nothing in your option shall be deemed to create in any way whatsoever any obligation on your part to continue in the employ of the Company or an Affiliate, or of the Company or an Affiliate to continue your employment. In addition, nothing in your option shall obligate the Company or an Affiliate, their respective stockholders, Boards of Directors, Officers or Employees to continue any relationship that you might have as a Director or Consultant for the Company or an Affiliate.

  • Contract Negotiations Where operational requirements permit, and on reasonable notice, the Employer shall grant special leave with pay for not more than four (4) representatives of the bargaining unit for the purpose of attending contract negotiation meetings with the Employer on behalf of the Union. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.

  • SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT The Seller agrees to sell lead concentrate and the Buyer agrees to buy lead concentrate at the terms and conditions set out below: