ACTIVITIES DESCRIBED. The activities referred to in subsection (a) are the following:
ACTIVITIES DESCRIBED. A foreign person engages in an activity described in this para- graph if the foreign person—
ACTIVITIES DESCRIBED. The activities described in this subsection are as follows:


  • COMPLIANCE WITH EPA REGULATIONS APPLICABLE TO GRANTS SUBGRANTS, COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS, AND CONTRACTS Contractor certifies compliance with all applicable standards, orders, regulations, and/or requirements issued pursuant to the Clean Air Act of 1970, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1857(h)), Section 508 of the Clean Water Act, as amended (13 U.S.C. 1368), Executive Order 117389 and Environmental Protection Agency Regulation, 40 CFR Part 15.

  • Prohibition on Use of Public Funds for Political Activity In performing the Services, Contractor shall comply with San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 12G, which prohibits funds appropriated by the City for this Agreement from being expended to participate in, support, or attempt to influence any political campaign for a candidate or for a ballot measure. Contractor is subject to the enforcement and penalty provisions in Chapter 12G.

  • COMPLIANCE WITH POLICIES AND PROCEDURES During the Term, Employee shall adhere to the policies and standards of professionalism set forth in the Company’s Policies and Procedures as they may exist from time to time.

  • Compliance with Rules and Policies The Executive shall perform all services in accordance with the lawful policies, procedures and rules established by the Company and the Board. In addition, the Executive shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations that are generally applicable to the Company or its subsidiaries and their respective employees, directors and officers.

  • Compliance with Executive Orders Concerning Ethics The Contractor warrants that he and his firm have complied in all respects with the Governor’s Executive Orders concerning ethics matters, including, but not limited to, Executive Order dated January 13, 2003 (establishing Code of Ethics for Executive Branch Officers and Employees, including provisions governing former officers and employees); Executive Order dated October 1, 2003 (governing vendors to state agencies and disclosure and registration of lobbyists); and O.C.G.A. Sections 21-5-70(5), 21-5-71 and 21-5-73, all as amended effective January 9, 2006 (requiring registration and disclosure filings by state agency vendor lobbyists). In this regard, the Contractor certifies that any lobbyist employed or retained by the Contractor or his firm has both registered and made the required disclosures required by the Executive Orders, as amended.

  • Compliance with Consensus Policies and Temporary Policies Registry Operator shall comply with and implement all Consensus Policies and Temporary Policies found at <xxxx://­‐policies.htm>, as of the Effective Date and as may in the future be developed and adopted in accordance with the ICANN Bylaws, provided such future Consensus Polices and Temporary Policies are adopted in accordance with the procedure and relate to those topics and subject to those limitations set forth in Specification 1 attached hereto (“Specification 1”).

  • Human and Financial Resources to Implement Safeguards Requirements 6. The Borrower shall cause MDF to make available necessary budgetary and human resources to fully implement the EMP and the LARP.

  • Submission of Grievance Information a) Upon appointment of the arbitrator, the appealing party shall within five days after notice of appointment forward to the arbitrator, with a copy to the School Board, the submission of the grievance which shall include the following:

  • Requirements for Protection In compliance with Good Utility Practice and, if applicable, the requirements of the Participating TO’s Interconnection Handbook, the Interconnection Customer shall provide, install, own, and maintain relays, circuit breakers and all other devices necessary to remove any fault contribution of the Large Generating Facility to any short circuit occurring on the Participating TO’s Transmission System not otherwise isolated by the Participating TO’s equipment, such that the removal of the fault contribution shall be coordinated with the protective requirements of the Participating TO’s Transmission System. Such protective equipment shall include, without limitation, a disconnecting device with fault current-interrupting capability located between the Large Generating Facility and the Participating TO’s Transmission System at a site selected upon mutual agreement (not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed) of the Parties. The Interconnection Customer shall be responsible for protection of the Large Generating Facility and the Interconnection Customer's other equipment from such conditions as negative sequence currents, over- or under-frequency, sudden load rejection, over- or under-voltage, and generator loss-of-field. The Interconnection Customer shall be solely responsible to disconnect the Large Generating Facility and the Interconnection Customer's other equipment if conditions on the CAISO Controlled Grid could adversely affect the Large Generating Facility.

  • CRIMINAL PROVISIONS AND SANCTIONS The Contractor agrees to perform the Agreement in conformance with safeguards against fraud and abuse as set forth by the H-GAC, the State of Texas, and the acts and regulations of any related state or federal agency. The Contractor agrees to promptly notify H-GAC of any actual or suspected fraud, abuse, or other criminal activity through the filing of a written report within twenty-four (24) hours of knowledge thereof. Contractor shall notify H-GAC of any accident or incident requiring medical attention arising from its activities under this Agreement within twenty-four (24) hours of such occurrence. Theft or willful damage to property on loan to the Contractor from H-GAC, if any, shall be reported to local law enforcement agencies and H-GAC within two (2) hours of discovery of any such act. The Contractor further agrees to cooperate fully with H-GAC, local law enforcement agencies, the State of Texas, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any other duly authorized investigative unit, in carrying out a full investigation of all such incidents. The Contractor shall notify H-GAC of the threat of lawsuit or of any actual suit filed against the Contractor pertaining to this Agreement or which would adversely affect the Contractor’s ability to perform services under this Agreement.