Active Duty for Training Sample Clauses

Active Duty for Training i. A permanent employee entering the Armed Forces for active duty for training shall be granted a leave of absence without pay for the period of the active duty for training and for training for the employee's military occupational specialty. The employee shall be reinstated to the position provided that:
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Active Duty for Training i. Regular employees who are members of the reserve components of the United States Armed Forces will be granted non-chargeable leave up to seventeen (17) consecutive calendar days for the purpose of attending annual training (AT). Application for the leave must be accompanied by a copy of the military AT orders. Military leave may be split for a split AT upon presentation of orders so stating, but in no case will military leave exceed seventeen total days in a calendar year.

Related to Active Duty for Training

  • Employee Training The Provider shall provide periodic security training to those of its employees who operate or have access to the system. Further, Provider shall provide LEA with contact information of an employee who LEA may contact if there are any security concerns or questions.

  • Required Training For training that is required by the Agency, manager or supervisor, the Agency shall reimburse one hundred percent (100%) of all related necessary and legitimate expenses, including but not limited to tuition, books, travel expenses, travel time, and attendance time. When practical, the Agency will attempt to adjust the employee’s hours if the approved training activity is scheduled during the employee’s normal work hours.

  • First Aid Training In the interests of the occupational safety and health of employees, the Employer will undertake an in-service program of first aid training aimed at providing a first aid officer for each department.

  • Job Training The Employer and the Union shall establish a Joint Committee on Training and Skill Upgrading for the following purposes:

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