Action to Enforce Sample Clauses

Action to Enforce. Sublicensee shall have no right to institute and/or pursue any proceedings to enforce any rights in the Licensed Trademarks, unless otherwise authorized by Licensor.
Action to Enforce. Should any action be brought by one of the Parties to enforce any provision of this Agreement, the non-prevailing party to such action shall reimburse the prevailing party for all reasonable attorneys' fees and court costs and other expenses incurred by the prevailing party in said action to enforce.
Action to Enforce. Each Stockholder agrees for himself and his successors in interest that if any amendment to the By-laws of the Company, or any other action requiring the vote or approval of the Stockholders of the Company, is required in order to make permissible or lawful any of the provisions or sales required to be made under this Agreement, then the Shares presently owned by every Stockholder or his successors will be voted in favor of such amendment or action.
Action to Enforce. Any action for the enforcement of this Agreement may be taken or brought in the name of MAAR or the MLS.

Related to Action to Enforce

  • Suit to Enforce Rights Regardless of any action by the Reviewing Party, if Indemnitee has not received full indemnification within thirty (30) days after making a demand in accordance with Section 4(a), Indemnitee shall have the right to enforce its indemnification rights under this Agreement by commencing litigation in any court in the State of California or the State of Delaware having subject matter jurisdiction thereof seeking an initial determination by the court or challenging any determination by the Reviewing Party or any aspect thereof. The Company hereby consents to service of process and to appear in any such proceeding. Any determination by the Reviewing Party not challenged by the Indemnitee shall be binding on the Company and Indemnitee. The Company shall be precluded from asserting in any such proceeding that the procedures and presumptions of this Agreement are not valid, binding and enforceable and shall stipulate in any such court that the Company is bound by all the provisions of this Agreement. The remedy provided for in this Section 4 shall be in addition to any other remedies available to Indemnitee at law or in equity.

  • Failure to Enforce The failure of either party hereto at any time, or for any period of time, to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of such provision(s) or of the right of such party thereafter to enforce each and every such provision.

  • WAIVER NOT A LIMITATION TO ENFORCE 24.1 The Promoter may, at its sole option and discretion, without prejudice to its rights as set out in this Agreement, waive the breach by the Allottee in not making payments as per the Payment Plan [Annexure C] including waiving the payment of interest for delayed payment. It is made clear and so agreed by the Allottee that exercise of discretion by the Promoter in the case of one Allottee shall not be construed to be a precedent and /or binding on the Promoter to exercise such discretion in the case of other Allottees.

  • Authorization and Enforcement The Company has the requisite corporate power and authority to enter into and to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement and otherwise to carry out its obligations hereunder. The execution and delivery of this Agreement by the Company and the consummation by it of the transactions contemplated hereby have been duly authorized by all necessary action on the part of the Company and no further action is required by the Company, the Board or its stockholders in connection herewith other than in connection with the Required Approvals. This Agreement has been duly executed and delivered by the Company and constitutes the valid and binding obligation of the Company enforceable against the Company in accordance with its terms except (i) as limited by general equitable principles and applicable bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, moratorium and other laws of general application affecting enforcement of creditors’ rights generally, (ii) as limited by laws relating to the availability of specific performance, injunctive relief or other equitable remedies and (iii) insofar as indemnification and contribution provisions may be limited by applicable law.

  • Failure to Enforce Not a Waiver The failure of the Company to enforce at any time any provision of this Agreement shall in no way be construed to be a waiver of such provision or of any other provision hereof.

  • Authorization and Enforcement of Obligations Such party (a) has the corporate power and authority and the legal right to enter into this Agreement and to perform its obligations hereunder, and (b) has taken all necessary corporate action on its part to authorize the execution and delivery of this Agreement and the performance of its obligations hereunder. This Agreement has been duly executed and delivered on behalf of such party, and constitutes a legal, valid, binding obligation, enforceable against such party in accordance with its terms.

  • Remedies and Enforcement A. Executive acknowledges and agrees that the Company's remedy at law for a breach of any of the provisions of Section 7 herein would be inadequate and the breach shall be per se deemed as causing irreparable harm to the Company. In recognition of this fact, in the event of a breach by Executive of any of the provisions of Section 7, Executive agrees that, in addition to any remedy at law available to the Company, including, but not limited to monetary damages, the Company, without posting any bond, shall be entitled to obtain equitable relief in the form of specific performance, temporary restraining order, temporary or permanent injunction or any other equitable remedy which may then be available to the Company.

  • Governing Law; Enforcement This Agreement and the rights and duties of the parties hereunder shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the Law of the State of New York. The parties agree that irreparable damage would occur in the event that any of the provisions of this Agreement were not performed in accordance with their specific terms or were otherwise breached. It is accordingly agreed that the parties shall be entitled to an injunction or injunctions to prevent breaches of this Agreement and to enforce specifically the terms and provisions of this Agreement in any Federal court sitting in the Southern District of New York, this being in addition to any other remedy to which they are entitled at law or in equity. In addition, each of the parties hereto, (a) consents to submit itself to the exclusive personal jurisdiction of any Federal court sitting in the Southern District of New York in the event any dispute arises out of this Agreement or any transaction contemplated hereby, (b) agrees that it will not attempt to deny or defeat such personal jurisdiction by motion or other request for leave from any such court, (c) agrees that it will not bring any action relating to this Agreement or any transaction contemplated hereby in any court other than any Federal court sitting in the Southern District of New York and (d) waives any right to trial by jury with respect to any action related to or arising out of this Agreement or any transaction contemplated hereby.

  • ADDITIONAL ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS Upon a determination by the Director that there is a threat to the public health or the environment, or upon discovery of any new information, RIDEM reserves the right to take additional enforcement actions as provided by law or regulation, including, but not limited to, the issuance of “Immediate Compliance Orders” as authorized by R.I. Gen. Laws Section 42-17.1- 2(21). This Agreement shall not restrict any right to hearing or other right available by statute or regulation that the Respondents may have regarding any new enforcement action commenced by RIDEM after the execution of this Agreement.

  • No Enforcement Actions Notwithstanding Section D of Article V, the Custodian shall not be under any duty or obligation to take action, by legal means or otherwise, to effect collection of any amount, if the Securities upon which such amount is payable are in default, or if payment is refused after due demand or presentation, unless and until (i) it shall be directed to take such action by Written Instructions and (ii) it shall be assured to its satisfaction (including prepayment thereof) of reimbursement of its costs and expenses in connection with any such action.