Across-the-Board Cost of Living Increases Sample Clauses

Across-the-Board Cost of Living Increases. Effective the first full pay period in July 2020, all unit members shall receive a one-point five percent (1.5%) base wage increase. Effective the first full pay period following July 1, 2021, all unit members shall receive a two percent (2.0%) base wage increase. Effective the first full pay period following July 1, 2022, all unit members shall receive a two percent (2.0%) base wage increase. Effective the first full pay period following July 1, 2023, all unit members shall receive a two percent (2.0%) base wage increase.

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  • Cost of Living Increase The minimum fee set forth in this Schedule may increase annually upon each March 1 anniversary of this Agreement over the minimum fee during the prior 12 months, as calculated under this Schedule, in an amount equal to the increase in Pennsylvania Consumer Price Index (not to exceed 6% annually) as last reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the twelve months immediately preceding such anniversary.

  • Step Increases Employees shall normally be hired at the first step and shall be eligible for step increases after twelve (12) months at each step in the range. Unpaid leave of fifteen (15) days or more shall result in an adjustment to the eligibility date for the next step increase. Employees whose eligibility date falls between the first (1st) and the fifteenth (15th) of the month shall be eligible on the first (1st) day of the month. Employees whose eligibility date falls after the fifteenth (15th) of the month shall be eligible on the first (1st) day of the following month.

  • Cost of Living Adjustments 11.1(c)(1) Employees eligible to participate in the salary review adjustment funds under 11.1(b) may also receive Cost of Living Adjustments to the extent such adjustments become effective under and in accordance with all of the terms, conditions and limitations stated in 11.1(c). The terms, definitions, and limitations stated in 11.1(b) and 11.1(c) also apply to such adjustments. Cost of Living Adjustments would be delivered to each eligible employee separately from those selective adjustment funds derived in 11.1(b). Cost of Living Adjustments would be effective on the dates specified in Table 34. 11.1(c)(2) Determination of Cost of Living Adjustments shall be made in reference to the series U.S. city average "Consumer Price Index Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers" published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, with the following base period: 1982-1984 = 100, such Index being referred to herein as the BLS Index.

  • Cost of Living The cost of living allowance/clause will remain inoperative for the life of this agreement. G-27.1 All employees covered by this Agreement shall be entitled to a cost-of-living allowance based on the following: G-27.2 The amount of cost-of-living allowance shall be determined and redetermined as provided below on the basis of the All Canada Consumer Price Index (C.P.I.) published by Statistics Canada (1971 = 100) and referred to herein as the "Index". G-27.3 The first (1st) pay period in which the cost-of-living allowance, if any, will apply, shall be the second (2nd) pay period in October, 1994, and shall continue in effect until and including the second (2nd) pay period in January, 1995. At that time and thereafter, adjustments in the cost-of-living allowance shall be made quarter-annually on the basis of the changes in the Index as follows: Effective date of adjustment - the second pay period in October, 1994, and at quarterly intervals thereafter based upon: As of September 1994, and as of quarterly intervals thereafter, as follows: READ INDEX PAY - September, 1994 2nd pay period in October 1994 - December, 1994 2nd pay period in January 1995 - March, 1995 2nd pay period in April 1995 The amounts of cost-of-living generated by the above readings will be deemed to be folded into the base rates where C.O.L.A. applies. G-27.4 In the event that Statistics Canada shall not issue the appropriate Index on or before the first (1st) week of the month following the pay period referred to in the above table, any adjustment in the allowance required by such Index shall be effective at the beginning of the first (1st) pay period after receipt of such Index. G-27.5 No adjustment retroactive or otherwise shall be made in the amount of the cost-of-living allowance due to any revision which later may be made in the published figures for the Index for any month on the basis of which the allowance has been determined. G-27.6 The amount of the cost-of-living allowance which shall be effective for any such quarterly period shall be determined in accordance with a table set up using the June, 1994, Consumer Price Index as a start of the table and continuing with a .25 increase equaling zero and thereafter a one cent or 2 Mill adjustment for each true .35 point change in the Index. G-27.7 The cost-of-living allowance shall not be added to the base rates for any classification, but only to each employee's straight-time hourly or mileage earnings. G-27.8 A decline in the Index below the June, 1994, reading shall not result in a reduction of classification base rates. G-27.9 Continuance of the cost-of-living allowance shall be contingent upon the continued availability of official monthly Consumer Price Index in its present form and calculated on the same basis as the Index of June, 1994.

  • COST OF LIVING ALLOWANCE NOTE: The provisions of this Section 14.11 shall remain inoperative during calendar year 1992 and no cost of living allowance shall be computed, paid or become payable or owing in respect of calendar year 1992. A cost of living allowance will be paid to each employee effective January 1, 1993, subject to the provisions of this section. This allowance will be based on the Consumer Price Index (all items - base: 1971 - 100) published by Statistics Canada (hereinafter referred to as the C.P.I.) and will be calculated as follows:

  • Cost of Living Adjustment For each year following the Initial Term, unless the parties shall otherwise agree and provided that the service mix and volumes remain consistent as previously provided in the Initial Term, the total fee for all services shall equal the fee that would be charged for the same services based on a fee rate (as reflected in a fee rate schedule) increased by the percentage increase for the twelve-month period of such previous calendar year of the CPI-W (defined below) or, in the event that publication of such index is terminated, any successor or substitute index, appropriately adjusted, acceptable to both parties. As used herein, “CPI-W” shall mean the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (Area: Boston-Brockton-Nashua, MA-NH-ME-CT; Base Period: 1982-84=100), as published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Wage Increases Bargaining unit employ- ees covered by this National Addendum shall re- ceive a two percent (2%) across the board (ATB) structural raise, to be effective the earlier of the fol- lowing: the third full pay period following the rati- fication of this National Addendum or the retroac- tive pay raise date contained in any Local Union’s executed Exhibit D of the Ground Rules. This across the board raise shall be offset by any wage increases provided within the last six (6) months of ratification; and, will replace any future ATB wage increases currently existing in the Local Agree- ments for the duration of the National Addendum. To the extent that a Local Agreement has a tiered wage structure, the 2% will be applied to the rates in the tiered wage structure subject to the same off- sets set forth above.

  • Benefit Increases Commencing on the first anniversary of the first benefit payment, and continuing on each subsequent anniversary, the Company's Board of Directors, in its sole discretion, may increase the benefit.

  • Pricing Increase Requests Subsequent to the first twelve (12) months of the Contract term and in accordance with the schedule for price adjustments established by OGS, Contractor may request an increase in the pricing contained in the Centralized Contract by submitting an update request based on change in pricing level as contained in Appendix C, Contract Modification Procedure to the OGS Contract Administrator. With any price increase request, in addition to the requirements contained in Appendix C, the Contractor must certify in writing that the price change for the Services is the same as its pricing in its GSA Supply Schedule, and that Contractor documents the request to the satisfaction of the State.

  • Escalation Cap In a single year of the Contract, the maximum price increase for each individual item on contract shall not exceed the lesser of two (2%) percent of the Contractor’s current NYS pricing as found in the OGS Centralized Contract or the percent increase in the latest available National Consumer Price Index - All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), Not Seasonally Adjusted, U.S. City Average, All Items (Series Id: CUUR0000SA0, CUUS0000SA0); as published by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, D.C. 20212. CPI-U data may be obtained at