Accruing interest Sample Clauses

Accruing interest. We give you a minimum 21- day grace period for new Purchases and new Purchase segment fees that posted on your last Monthly Statement: You can avoid being charged interest on these Transactions by paying off your New Balance in full by the Payment Due Date. lf you do not pay your New Balance in full by the Payment Due Date, we will charge interest on these Transactions from the date of the Transaction until the day we receive your payment in full for those Transactions. For undated Transactions, interest will be assessed from the date the Transactions posted to your Account until they are paid off. Corresponding interest charges will appear on subsequent Monthly Statements. Fees are treated in the same manner as purchases for the purpose of charging interest. We will always charge interest on Cash Advances, Special Balance Transfers (if available) and Special Balance Transfer fees. lnterest on these Transactions is charged until the day we process your payment in full for those Transactions. Refresh does not charge interest on interest. lnterest from each Account Segment posts to the same Account Segment and becomes part of the Billed Balance at the end of the Billing Period. Calculating interest. lnterest for any given Billing Period is calculated by multiplying the monthly interest rate by the Average Daily Balance for each Account Segment (Purchases, Cash Advances, and Special Balance Transfers) and then adding them up. Here's how we calculate the Average Daily Balance for each Account Segment: The "Daily Balance" for each Account Segment is determined for Day 1 of your current Billing Period as follows:
Accruing interest. Xxxxxxxx acknowledges that interest will continue to accrue on the outstanding principal balance of the Loan during the selected deferral period. Such accrued interest will be included in the payments to be made on the Loan following the end of the deferral period. As a result of the accrual of unpaid interest on the Loan during the deferral period, a larger portion of Xxxxxxxx's subsequent regular payments will be applied to interest rather than to principal for a period of time. How this will impact Xxxxxxxx's repayment of principal depends on the amount of Borrower's loan and the applicable interest rate. An example of how payments may be affected for a loan with a principal balance of $250,000 is set forth below. For specifics based on this Loan, please contact your local branch.
Accruing interest. The Tax Payer understands that delinquent interest will continue to accrue on unpaid balances according to law (presently sixteen percent (16% per annum) until such amounts are paid in full. Should the Taxpayer comply with all terms of this agreement, a credit in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the interest accrued will be credited to the final payment(s) of this Agreement.
Accruing interest. Without limiting DEVELOPER's rights and remedies hereunder, in the event Freeze Tag fails to make any payment when due hereunder, interest shall accrue on the amount owed as of the due date at an interest rate of (a) one percent (1.0%) per month or twelve percent (12.0%) annually, or (b) the highest rate allowed by law, whichever is less.
Accruing interest. As to each Purchased Asset or the Remic Interest, as applicable, all unpaid interest payable currently on or in respect to Purchased Assets relating to Loans or Remic Interests (calculated at the then current pay rate in respect to the applicable Asset) and distributions currently payable in respect to the Preferred Equity Interests from the Cut-off Date through and including the Closing Date (it being understood that such amounts payable for the payment period or distribution period, as applicable, in which the Closing Date occurs shall for the purposes of the foregoing be deemed to be payable currently) ("Current Amounts") shall belong to Sellers (but only to the extent allocable to the period prior to and including the Closing Date) and if received by any Buyer Party or MD3 Cayman L.P., as applicable, shall be paid by such Buyer Party or MD3 Cayman L.P., as applicable to the applicable Seller Parties within five (5) Business Days of receipt by such Buyer Party or MD3 Cayman L.P., as applicable. All Current Amounts attributable to periods after the Closing Date and all accrued interest and distributions and other amounts, if any, relating to the Purchased Assets or the Remic Interest, as applicable, which are not payable in or prior to the payment period or distribution period, as applicable, in which the Closing Date occurs shall belong to Buyer or MD3 Cayman L.P., as applicable. All payments received on or prior to the Cut-off Date shall, to the extent not allocable to the period following the Closing Date, belong to the applicable Seller Parties.

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  • Compensating Interest The Servicer shall remit to the Trustee on each Remittance Date an amount from its own funds equal to the Compensating Interest payable by the Servicer for the related Distribution Date.

  • Calculating Interest Assume that you have a single interest rate of 15.99%, your ADB is $2,250 and there are 30 days in the billing period. The DPR is 15.99% divided by 365 days = 0.0438% The Interest is $2,250 multiplied by 0.0438% multiplied by 30 days = $29.57 When an interest rate changes, the new DPR may come into effect during--not just at the beginning of-- the billing period. When this happens, we will create a new balance and apply the new DPR to it. To get the beginning balance on the first day for this new balance, we multiply the previous day's daily balance by the old DPR and add the result to that day's daily balance. Other methods To figure the ADB and interest charges, we may use other formulas or methods that produce equivalent results. Also, we may choose not to charge interest on certain types of charges. Determining the Prime Rate We use the Prime Rate from the rates section of The Wall Street Journal. The Prime Rate for each billing period is the Prime Rate published in The Wall Street Journal on the Closing Date of the billing period. The Wall Street Journal may not publish the Prime Rate on that day. If it does not, we will use the Prime Rate from the previous day it was published. If The Wall Street Journal is no longer published, we may use the Prime Rate from any other newspaper of general circulation in New York, New York. Or we may choose to use a similar published rate. If the Prime Rate increases, variable APRs (and corresponding DPRs) will increase. In that case, you may pay more interest and may have a higher Minimum Payment Due. When the Prime Rate changes, the resulting changes to variable APRs take effect as of the first day of the billing period. Other important information Military Lending Act Federal law provides important protections to members of the Armed Forces and their dependents relating to extensions of consumer credit. In general, the cost of consumer credit to a member of the Armed Forces and his or her dependent may not exceed an annual percentage rate of 36 percent. This rate must include, as applicable to the credit transaction or account: the costs associated with credit insurance premiums; fees for ancillary products sold in connection with the credit transaction; any application fee charged (other than certain application fees for specified credit transactions or accounts); and any participation fee (other than certain participation fees for a credit card account). To listen to this statement, as well as a description of your payment obligation for this Account, call us at 000-000-0000. If you are a covered borrower, the Claims Resolution section of this Agreement will not apply to you in connection with this Account. Instead, the Claims Resolution for Covered Borrowers section will apply. About Additional Cardmembers At your request, we may issue cards to Additional Cardmembers. They do not have accounts with us but they can use your Account subject to the terms of this Agreement. We may report an Additional Cardmember's use of your Account to credit reporting agencies. You are responsible for all use of your Account by Additional Cardmembers and anyone they allow to use your Account. You must pay for all charges they make. You authorize us to give Additional Cardmembers information about your Account and to discuss it with them. If you want to cancel an Additional Cardmember's right to use your Account (and cancel their card) you must tell us. If an Annual Membership fee applies for an Additional Card, please refer to the refund policy disclosed in the Closing your Account sub-section of your Cardmember Agreement. If a single Annual Membership fee applies for a group of Additional Cards on your Account, this policy will apply when you cancel the Additional Card on which the fee was assessed. If an Annual Membership fee applies to Additional Cards on your Account, it is shown on page 2 of Part 1 of the Cardmember Agreement. Converting charges made in a foreign currency If you make a charge in a foreign currency, AE Exposure Management Ltd. ("AEEML") will convert it into U.S. dollars on the date we or our agents process it, so that we bill you for the charge in U.S. dollars based upon this conversion. Unless a particular rate is required by law, AEEML will choose a conversion rate that is acceptable to us for that date. The rate AEEML uses is no more than the highest official rate published by a government agency or the highest interbank rate AEEML identifies from customary banking sources on the conversion date or the prior business day. This rate may differ from rates that are in effect on the date of your charge. We will bill charges converted by establishments (such as airlines) at the rates they use. Changing your billing address You must notify us immediately if you change the: ● mailing address to which we send billing statements; or ● e-mail address to which we send notice that your billing statement is available online. If you have more than one account, you need to notify us separately for each account. We may update your billing address if we receive information that it has changed or is incorrect. Closing your Account You may close your Account by calling us or writing to us. If an Annual Membership fee applies, we will refund this fee if you notify us that you are voluntarily closing your Account within 30 days of the Closing Date of the billing statement on which that fee appears. For cancellations after this 30 day period, the Annual Membership fee is non-refundable. If an Annual Membership fee applies to your Account, it is shown on page 1 and page 2 of Part 1 of the Cardmember Agreement. If your billing address is in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the time you close your account, this policy will not apply to you. Cancelling or suspending your Account We may: ● cancel your Account, ● suspend the ability to make charges, ● cancel or suspend any feature on your Account, and ● notify merchants that your Account has been cancelled or suspended. If we do any of these, you must still pay us for all charges under the terms of this Agreement. We may do any of these things at our discretion, even if you pay on time and your Account is not in default. If your Account is cancelled, you must destroy your cards. We may agree to reinstate your Account after a cancellation. If we do this, we may: ● reinstate any additional cards issued on your Account, ● charge you any applicable annual fees, and ● charge you a fee for reinstating the Account. About default We may consider your Account to be in default if: ● you violate a provision of this Agreement, ● you give us false information, ● you file for bankruptcy, ● you default under another agreement you have with us or an affiliate, ● you become incapacitated or die, or ● we believe you are unable or unwilling to pay your debts when due. If we consider your Account in default, we may, to the extent permitted by federal and applicable state law: ● suspend your ability to make charges, ● cancel or suspend any feature on your Account, ● require you to pay more than your Minimum Payment Due immediately, and ● require you to pay your Account balance immediately. Collection costs You agree to pay all reasonable costs, including attorneys' fees, that we incur to collect amounts you owe. Credit reports You agree that we will obtain credit reports about you, investigate your ability to pay, and obtain information about you from other sources including information to verify and re-verify your employment and income. And you agree that we will use such information for any purposes (for example, marketing to you or evaluating you for a new account), subject to applicable law. You agree that we will give information about the Account to credit reporting agencies. We will tell a credit reporting agency if you fail to comply with any term of this Agreement. This may have a negative impact on your credit report. If you believe information we have given to a credit reporting agency is incorrect, write to us at: American Express Credit Bureau Unit, P.O. Box 981537, El Paso, TX 79998-1537. When you write to us, tell us the specific information you believe is incorrect. Sending you notices We mail you notices through the U.S. mail, postage prepaid, and address them to you at the latest billing address on our records. Any notice that we send you this way is deemed to be given when deposited in the U.S.

  • Simple Interest Each Receivable provides for scheduled monthly payments that fully amortize the Amount Financed by maturity (except for minimally different payments in the first or last month in the life of the Receivable) and provides for a finance charge or yield interest at its APR, in either case calculated based on the Simple Interest Method.

  • Interest After Default To the extent permitted by Law, upon the occurrence of an Event of Default and until such time such Event of Default shall have been cured or waived, and at the discretion of the Administrative Agent or upon written demand by the Required Lenders to the Administrative Agent:

  • Interest 1. Interest arising in a Contracting State and paid to a resident of the other Contracting State may be taxed in that other State.

  • Default Rate Interest In the event that the Corporation does not make timely payment of all or any portion of a Tax Benefit Payment to a Member on or before the Final Payment Date as determined pursuant to Section 3.1(a), the amount of “Default Rate Interest” calculated in respect of the Net Tax Benefit (including previously accrued Imputed Interest and Extension Rate Interest) for a Taxable Year will equal interest calculated at the Default Rate from the Final Payment Date for a Tax Benefit Payment as determined pursuant to Section 3.1(a) until the date on which the Corporation makes such Tax Benefit Payment to such Member. For the avoidance of doubt, the amount of any Default Rate Interest as determined with respect to any Net Tax Benefit payable by the Corporation to a Member shall be included in the Hypothetical Tax Liability of the Corporation for purposes of calculating Realized Tax Benefits and Realized Tax Detriments pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Accrued Interest Each prepayment under this Section 2.04(b) shall be accompanied by accrued interest on the amount prepaid to the date of such prepayment and amounts, if any, required to be paid pursuant to Section 2.10 as a result of such prepayment.

  • Varying Interests All items of income, gain, loss, deduction or credit shall be allocated, and all distributions shall be made, to the Persons shown on the records of the Company to have been Members as of the last calendar day of the period for which the allocation or distribution is to be made. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if during any taxable year there is a change in any Member's Sharing Ratio, the Members agree that their allocable shares of such items for the taxable year shall be determined on any method determined by the Management Committee to be permissible under Code Section 706 and the related Treasury Regulations to take account of the Members' varying Sharing Ratios.

  • Interest Due Without limiting any other rights or remedies available to either Party, each Party shall pay the other interest on any payments that are not paid on or before the date such payments are due under this Agreement at a rate of [*] per annum or the maximum applicable legal rate, if less, calculated on the total number of days payment is delinquent.

  • Participating Interests Effective in the case of each Letter of Credit opened by the Issuing Lender as of the date of the opening thereof, the Issuing Lender agrees to allot and does allot, to itself and each other Revolving Credit Lender, and each Revolving Credit Lender severally and irrevocably agrees to take and does take in such Letter of Credit and the related L/C Application, an L/C Participating Interest in a percentage equal to such Revolving Credit Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment Percentage. In consideration and in furtherance of the foregoing, each such Revolving Credit Lender hereby absolutely and unconditionally agrees to pay to the Administrative Agent in Dollars, for the account of the applicable Issuing Lender, such Revolving Credit Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment Percentage of each L/C Disbursement made by such Issuing Lender, in each case to the extent not reimbursed by the Company on the date due as provided in Section 2.6, or of any reimbursement payment required to be refunded to the Company for any reason.