Accrual of Holiday Pay During Absence Through Sickness Sample Clauses

Accrual of Holiday Pay During Absence Through Sickness. Where an employee is absent through sickness no deduction is made from the accrued annual holiday entitlement (or from payment in lieu) for absences up to twelve consecutive weeks. In the case of an employee absent from work on account of sickness for a period longer than twelve weeks, employment shall be held to terminate in regard to holiday pay qualification at the end of twelve weeks’ absence and any holiday pay due shall be paid at that time unless otherwise agreed between the employer and the employee. 15.4a Legal Holiday Entitlement: Under the Working Time Regulations employees are legally entitled to accrue 4 weeks paid holiday in each leave year. This legal entitlement includes additional holidays contained within the GES/UNITE GPM SECTOR National Agreement and applies regardless of any period of sickness absence or maternity leave.