Accord Sample Clauses

Accord relatif à l’utilisation des données. Les fonctionnalités du Logiciel de l’HomePod peuvent nécessiter des informations de votre appareil de marque Apple pour améliorer leurs fonctions respectives. Lorsque vous activez ou utilisez lesdites fonctionnalités, xxxxxx que Siri, des détails sont fournis concernant les informations envoyées à Apple et le mode d’usage de ces informations. Vous pouvez en savoir plus en consultant la page web xxxxx:// En tout temps, les informations vous concernant sont traitées conformément à l’Engagement de confidentialité d’Apple, disponible à l’adresse xxxxx://
Accord. The parties have discussed the provisions of this Agreement and find them fair and mutually satisfactory and further agree that in all respects the provisions are reasonable and of material significance to the relationship of the parties hereunder.
Accord relatif à l’utilisation des données. Vous acceptez qu’Apple ainsi que ses filiales puissent rassembler et utiliser des informations techniques et afférentes, incluant, sans s’y limiter, des informations techniques concernant votre ordinateur, votre système, vos logiciels et les périphériques ; ces informations sont recueillies régulièrement afin de faciliter les offres de mises à jour de logiciels, de support aux produits et de services divers proposées au client (le cas échéant) et relatives aux logiciels Apple. Apple peut utiliser ces informations, en veillant à ce que l’identité du client ne soit pas dévoilée, afin d’améliorer ses produits ou de proposer des services et des technologies au client.
Accord. The parties to this Agreement have discussed the provisions herein and find them fair and mutually satisfactory; and further agree that in all respects the provisions are reasonable and of material significance to the relationship of the parties hereunder, and that any breach of a provision by either party hereto or a failure to carry out said provisions in good faith shall conclusively be deemed to be substantial.
Accord relatif à l’utilisation des données
Accord. Except as otherwise specifically provided herein to the contrary, this Opinion is governed by, and shall be interpreted in accordance with, the Legal Opinion Accord (the “Accord”) of the American Bar Association Section of Business Law (1991). As a consequence, it is subject to a number of qualifications, exceptions, limitations on coverage, and other limitations, all as more specifically described in the Accord, and this Opinion should be read in conjunction therewith.
Accord. An agreement whereby the parties agree to accept something different in satisfaction of the original contract.
Accord. The Borrower becomes involved in negotiations with any one or more of its Lenders with a view to the general readjustment or rescheduling of its indebtedness or makes a general assignment for the benefit of its Lenders;
Accord. MPL Provide WW technical support & business support for price management. This includes maintenance of the existing functions and support of requirements and needs necessary to sustain the day-to-day business needs/requirements, including: -ONLINE: ALL ACCORD & MPL processing for ALL regions -BATCH: Interfaces to SWISS & prices books for NAD & EUR -ONLINE & BATCH process for Southeast Asia's "SEA-SWISS" system
Accord. Weaving Consensus. The Papua New Guinea–Bougainville Peace Process. London: Conciliation Resources, 36–43. Xxxxx, X.X. 2005. Identities Amongst Bougainvilleans. In