Access to Information/Records Sample Clauses

Access to Information/Records. Upon written request from Gelman and in accordance with its rules and procedures, the County shall promptly provide Gelman with information and records in its possession or control that are necessary to assist Gelman’s preparation of specifically identified and described work plans, reports, and engineering plans in connection with EGLE-approved Response Activities related to the Consent Judgment, including without limitation, the Well Identification Plan, Municipal Water Connection Contingency Plans, and the Downgradient Investigation described in Consent Judgment Sections V.A.2.h, V.A.2.j, V.B.3.e, and V.A.5.f, respectively. Such records include, but may not be limited to, studies and other data related to the elevations and hydraulic capacity of water mains, drains, and storm and sanitary sewers, and digital drawings of utilities/infrastructure including water and sewer mains and connections. If they are available, the format of such digital drawings shall be AutoCad compatible. If AutoCad files are not available, the requested drawings shall be provided as PDF files. If no digital files are available, Gelman shall be provided physical access to hardcopies of drawings and the ability to copy those drawings or documents. The County may require Gelman and/or its representatives to execute and comply with appropriate confidentiality agreements as a condition to providing records and information exempted from disclosure under Section 13(1)(y) of the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (MCL 15.243(1)(y)), and Gelman agrees to comply with, and agrees to require its agents and contractors to comply with, the terms of said confidentiality agreements.