Acceptance of Tagalong Offer Sample Clauses

Acceptance of Tagalong Offer. Each Management Stockholder who wishes to include his or its shares of Common Stock in the proposed transaction in accordance with the terms of this Section D.3(c) shall so notify the Selling Stockholders not more than 14 days after the date the Tagalong Notice is sent to the Management -6- 63 Stockholders. The participation of any Management Stockholder in the proposed transaction shall be conditioned upon the Management Stockholder's (i) execution of an agreement substantially similar to the Acquisition Agreement whereby the Management Stockholder would make representations and warranties comparable to those to be made by the Selling Stockholders, but with respect to representations and warranties particular to the Selling Stockholders or the shares of Common Stock owned by them, a Management Stockholder shall be required only to provide comparable representations and warranties concerning such Management Stockholder and the shares owned by such Management Stockholder and (ii) agreeing to use his reasonable efforts to assist in consummating the proposed transaction.