Accelerating and Exercising of the Debenture Sample Clauses

Accelerating and Exercising of the Debenture. Without derogating from the Bank’s rights under the terms and conditions of this Debenture, in each one of the following events the Bank shall be entitled to demand from the Company the acceleration of the Secured Liabilities in whole or in part (whether or not their payment due date shall have arrived) 4.11-13 and provided that the event shall not have been corrected within 10 business days from the date of the Bank’s written notice to the Company and shall bear interest at a rate which was agreed upon in the Financing Agreement dated July 22, 2008, between the Company and the Bank, as the same was amended and/or will be amended from time to time (the “Financing Agreement”) until the actual full payment thereof and the Company undertakes to pay the same to the Bank immediately upon such demand, and the events are as follows: