Academic Lease Sample Clauses

Academic Lease. The Lease Term shall begin on August 28, 2016 (the “Start Date”) and shall end on May 19, 2017 (the “End Date”).

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  • Operating Lease (i) Each Borrower shall (a) promptly perform and observe all of the covenants required to be performed and observed by it under the Operating Leases and do all things necessary to preserve and to keep unimpaired its material rights thereunder; (b) promptly notify Lender of any material default under any Operating Lease of which it is aware; (c) promptly deliver to Lender a copy of any notice of default or other material notice under any Operating Lease delivered to any Operating Lessee by Borrower; (d) promptly give notice to Lender of any notice or information that Borrower receives which indicates that an Operating Lessee is terminating its Operating Lease or that any Operating Lessee is otherwise discontinuing its operation of the applicable Individual Property; and (e) promptly enforce the performance and observance of all of the material covenants required to be performed and observed by the Operating Lessee under the applicable Operating Lease.

  • BASIC LEASE TERMS For purposes of this Lease, the following terms have the following definitions and meanings:

  • Operating Leases Not permit the aggregate amount of all rental payments under Operating Leases made (or scheduled to be made) by the Loan Parties (on a consolidated basis) to exceed $1,000,000 in any Fiscal Year.

  • Synthetic Lease Any lease of goods or other property, whether real or personal, which is treated as an operating lease under GAAP and as a loan or financing for U.S. income tax purposes.

  • Operating Lease Obligations Each of the Credit Parties will not, nor will it permit any Subsidiary to, enter into, assume or permit to exist any obligations for the payment of rent under Operating Leases which in the aggregate for all such Persons would exceed $3,250,000 in any fiscal year.

  • Lease The Lease Agreement (Federal Express Corporation Trust No. N583FE) dated as of May 1, 1997, entered into by the Lessor and the Lessee concurrently with the execution and delivery of the Indenture, including, without limitation, supplementation by one or more Lease Supplements entered into pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Lease.

  • Real Estate Leases Schedule 6.11 sets forth, as of the Closing Date, a correct and complete list of all Real Estate owned by any Obligor or any Subsidiary, all leases and subleases of real or personal property held by any Obligor as lessee or sublessee (other than leases of personal property as to which an Obligor is lessee or sublessee for which the value of such personal property in the aggregate is less than $1,000,000), and all leases and subleases of real or personal property held by any Obligor as lessor, or sublessor. Each of such leases and subleases is valid and enforceable in accordance with its terms and is in full force and effect, and, to the Obligors’ knowledge, no default by any party to any such lease or sublease exists, except in each case where the failure could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect. The applicable Obligor has good and marketable title in fee simple to the Real Estate identified on Schedule 6.11 as owned by such Obligor, or valid leasehold interests in all material Real Estate designated therein as “leased” by such Obligor, and each Obligor has good, indefeasible, and merchantable title to all of its other property reflected on the March 29, 2002 Financial Statements delivered to the Agent and the Lenders, except as disposed of in the ordinary course of business since the date thereof, free of all Liens except Permitted Liens.

  • Equipment; Leasehold (a) All material items of equipment and other tangible assets owned by or leased to the Company are adequate for the uses to which they are being put, are in good condition and repair (ordinary wear and tear excepted) and are adequate for the conduct of the Company's business in the manner in which such business is currently being conducted.

  • Access to Property, Property’s Management, Property Lender, and Property Tenants Potential Investor agrees to not seek to gain access to any non-public areas of the Property or communicate with Property’s management employees, the holder of any financing encumbering the Property, the Property’s tenants, and the Owner’s partners in the ownership of the Property, without the prior consent of Owner or HFF, which consent may be withheld in the Owner’s sole discretion.

  • Leases The rent roll attached hereto as Schedule 8 (the "RENT ROLL") is true, complete and correct and the Property is not subject to any Leases other than the Leases described in the Rent Roll. Except as set forth on the Rent Roll: (i) each Lease is in full force and effect; (ii) the tenants under the Leases have accepted possession of and are in occupancy of all of their respective demised premises, have commenced the payment of rent under the Leases, and there are no offsets, claims or defenses to the enforcement thereof; (iii) all rents due and payable under the Leases have been paid and no portion thereof has been paid for any period more than 30 days in advance; (iv) the rent payable under each Lease is the amount of fixed rent set forth in the Rent Roll, and there is no claim or basis for a claim by the tenant thereunder for an adjustment to the rent; (v) to Borrowers' best knowledge, no tenant has made any claim against the landlord under any Lease which remains outstanding, there are no defaults on the part of the landlord under any Lease, and no event has occurred which, with the giving of notice or passage of time, or both, would constitute such a default; (vi) to Borrowers' best knowledge, there is no present material default by the tenant under any Lease; (vii) all security deposits under Leases are as set forth on the Rent Roll and are held consistent with Section 3.8; (viii) Borrowers are the sole owner of the entire lessor's interest in each Lease; (ix) each Lease is the valid, binding and enforceable obligation of such Borrower and the applicable tenant thereunder; (x) to Borrowers' best knowledge, no Person has any possessory interest in, or right to occupy, the Property except under the terms of the Lease; and (xi) each Lease is subordinate to the Loan Documents, either pursuant to its terms or pursuant to a subordination and attornment agreement. None of the Leases contains any option to purchase or right of first refusal to purchase the Property or any part thereof. Neither the Leases nor the Rents have been assigned or pledged except to Lender, and no other Person has any interest therein except the tenants thereunder.