Academic Divisions (continued) Sample Clauses

Academic Divisions (continued) d. If a mutually-agreeable appointment cannot be rendered, a final selection will be made by the Association Management Council.

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  • Sub-Divisions If after the date hereof, and subject to the provisions of Section 4.6 below, the number of issued and outstanding Ordinary Shares is increased by a capitalization or share dividend of Ordinary Shares, or by a sub-division of Ordinary Shares or other similar event, then, on the effective date of such share capitalization, sub-division or similar event, the number of Ordinary Shares issuable on exercise of each Warrant shall be increased in proportion to such increase in the issued and outstanding Ordinary Shares. A rights offering made to all or substantially all holders of Ordinary Shares entitling holders to purchase Ordinary Shares at a price less than the “Historical Fair Market Value” (as defined below) shall be deemed a capitalization of a number of Ordinary Shares equal to the product of (i) the number of Ordinary Shares actually sold in such rights offering (or issuable under any other equity securities sold in such rights offering that are convertible into or exercisable for the Ordinary Shares) multiplied by (ii) one (1) minus the quotient of (x) the price per Ordinary Share paid in such rights offering divided by (y) the Historical Fair Market Value. For purposes of this subsection 4.1.1, (i) if the rights offering is for securities convertible into or exercisable for Ordinary Shares, in determining the price payable for Ordinary Shares, there shall be taken into account any consideration received for such rights, as well as any additional amount payable upon exercise or conversion and (ii) “Historical Fair Market Value” means the volume weighted average price of the Ordinary Shares during the ten (10) trading day period ending on the trading day prior to the first date on which the Ordinary Shares trade on the applicable exchange or in the applicable market, regular way, without the right to receive such rights. No Ordinary Shares shall be issued at less than their par value.

  • Submissions to Lender All financial and other information provided to the Lender by or on behalf of the Borrower in connection with the Borrower's request for the credit facilities contemplated hereby is true and correct in all material respects and, as to projections, valuations or proforma financial statements, present a good faith opinion as to such projections, valuations and proforma condition and results.

  • Right of Lenders to Fund through Other Offices Each Lender may, if it so elects, fulfill its commitment as to any LIBOR Loan by causing a foreign branch or Affiliate of such Lender to make such Loan; provided that in such event for the purposes of this Agreement such Loan shall be deemed to have been made by such Lender and the obligation of the Company to repay such Loan shall nevertheless be to such Lender and shall be deemed held by it, to the extent of such Loan, for the account of such branch or Affiliate.

  • Special Provisions Governing Eurodollar Rate Loans Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, the following provisions shall govern with respect to Eurodollar Rate Loans as to the matters covered:

  • Special Provisions Governing LIBOR Loans Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, the following provisions shall govern with respect to LIBOR Loans as to the matters covered:

  • Description of Administration Services on a Continuous Basis PFPC will perform the following administration services with respect to each Portfolio:

  • PROMOTIONS AND STAFF CHANGES a. Job Posting Procedures Prior to filling any staff changes or promotions covered by the terms of this agreement, the employer shall post notice on all bulletin boards for a minimum of five (5) working days City-wide, in order that all members will know about the position and be able to make written application; therefore, such notice shall contain the following information: Nature of position, required knowledge and education, ability and skills, shift, and wage and salary rate or range. Copy of the notice shall also be sent to the Secretary of the Union.

  • Conditions to Closing and Initial Extensions of Credit The obligation of the Lenders to close this Agreement and to make the initial Loan or issue or participate in the initial Letter of Credit, if any, is subject to the satisfaction of each of the following conditions:

  • Selection and Continuation of Tranche Periods (a) With consultation from (and approval by) the Agent, Seller shall from time to time request Tranche Periods for the Purchaser Interests of the Financial Institutions, provided that, if at any time the Financial Institutions shall have a Purchaser Interest, Seller shall always request Tranche Periods such that at least one Tranche Period shall end on the date specified in clause (A) of the definition of Settlement Date.

  • Labour Management Relations Committee In recognition of the mutual benefits of open communications and on-going consultation between the faculty and the employer, the Labour/Management Relations Committee will meet on a regular basis and have equal representation for the Union and the Employer. The LMRC will serve as an open forum for the free and candid discussion of matters of mutual concern to faculty members and management.