Abuse of vulnerable adults Sample Clauses

Abuse of vulnerable adults. If a vulnerable adult is abused or neglected, a report may be filed with the appropriate government agency, which will also be noted in the clinical file. Please ask for additional information about the different reporting obligations that exist for the protection of vulnerable adults. In addition, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed under the following circumstances: Court Orders I may be served with a Court Order to appear as a fact or expert witness, or to release your records to the Courts or their representatives, if you are in trouble with the law or have matters involving potential litigation. Third party payers Individuals referred for assessment and/or treatment by a physician, psychiatrist, or agency such as an insurance company, can assume that the referring party may want to receive some type of report and/or evaluation. Minors A guardian may have the right to impose a limit on the right to confidentiality if you are a minor. Coroner or medical examiner I am required to provide necessary information if I am contacted by a coroner or medical examiner. Email communication I cannot guarantee confidentiality if I am contacted by email, or if I am asked to respond to an email message with a written response. Internet networking opportunities I am unable to accept invitations from clients to become part of their networks on forums such as LinkedIn.

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