XXX) Sample Clauses

XXX). No. 021000089 Account No. 40615501 Attention: Arlene Knight Re: Inland Portfolio of 12 Retail Properties Acknowledged and Agreed to: Inland Real Estate Corporation By: /s/ Roberta S. Matlin Xxxx: Xxxxxxx X. Matlin Xxxxx: Xxxx Xxxxident Borrower's Facsimile Number: (630) 218-4961 Rate Lock Deposit: $1,246,000 First Decrease Amount: 40 basis points Additional Decrease Amount: 15 basis points Additional Rate Lock Deposit Amount: $600,000 Attention Party: Larry Kravetz Rate Locx Xxx: $75.00 per million per day, payable in weekly installments. SCHEDULE 2 DETERMINATION NOTICE VIA FACSIMILE TO (212) 529-6014 LEHMAN BXXXXXXX XXXXXXGX XXX. LEHMAN CAPITAL. A DIVISXXX XX LEHMAN BROTHERS HOLDINGX XXX. Three World Financial Center 200 Vesey Street New Yoxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 Attention: Larry Kravetz Re: Xxxxxxxx Xxte Lock Agreement for Inland Portfolio of 12 Retail Properties Gentlemen: Reference is made to the above referenced Extended Rate Lock Agreement. All capitalized terms shall have the meanings described therein. This shall confirm our agreement that the Rate Lock Amount and the Rate shall be in the following amounts: Rate Lock Amount: $62,000,000 Rate: 6.36 % Date of Determination: 8/11/98 Very truly yours, Inland Real Estate Corporation By: /s/ Roberta S. Matlin Name: Roberta S. Matlin Title: Vice President
XXX). For the ABA problem, the proposed A- COOL is a signature-free multi-valued ABA protocol that reaches an agreement on an l-bit value with communication complexity O(max{nl, nt log t}), given n ≥ 5t + 1.

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  • Account Number 2. This authorization shall remain in effect until revoked or until a subsequent Notice of Account Designation is provided to the Administrative Agent.

  • Account Name The Grant will be paid in instalments by the Commonwealth in accordance with the agreed Milestones, and compliance by the Grantee with its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Account Numbers The Transfer Agent shall process all payment orders on the basis of the account number contained in the payment order. In the event of a discrepancy between any name indicated on the payment order and the account number, the account number shall take precedence and govern.

  • SWIFT The term “

  • Print Name Designation ....................................

  • Account Details (a) Account for payments to Counterparty: To be provided. Account for delivery of Shares to Counterparty: To be provided.

  • Contact Numbers The Parties agree to provide one another with toll-free nation- wide (50 states) contact numbers for the purpose of ordering, provisioning and maintenance of services.

  • Email Address (For delivery of Documents to Seller) (For delivery of Documents to Buyer)