A Special Meeting of Stockholders Shall Be Called by the Secretary at the Written Request (A “Special Meeting Request Sample Clauses

A special meeting of stockholders shall be called by the Secretary at the written request (a “Special Meeting Request of holders of record of at least 25% of the outstanding common stock of the corporation entitled to vote on the matter or matters to be brought before the proposed special meeting (the “Requisite Percentage”). A Special Meeting Request to the Secretary shall be signed by each stockholder requesting the special meeting (each, a “Requesting Stockholder”) and shall be accompanied by a notice setting forth the information required by Section 14(a)(2)(A)-(D) of this Bylaw, as if such Section were applicable to Special Meeting Requests. Requesting Stockholders who collectively hold at least the Requisite Percentage on the date the Special Meeting Request is submitted to the Secretary must (i) continue to hold at least the number of shares of common stock set forth in the Special Meeting Request with respect to each such Requesting Stockholder through the date of the special meeting and (ii) submit a written certification (an “Ownership Certification”) confirming the continuation of such holdings on the business day immediately preceding the special meeting, which Ownership Certification shall include the information required by Section 14(a)(2)(A) of this Bylaw as of the date of such special meeting with respect to each such Requesting Stockholder.