A Security Interest in the Following: Accounts, General Intangibles, and Other Rights to Payment Sample Clauses

A security interest in the following: Accounts, General Intangibles, and Other Rights to Payment. All accounts, deposit accounts, contract rights, general intangibles, chattel paper, investment property, documents, instruments, money and other rights to payment now existing and hereafter acquired, from any and all sources. Crops. All crops now growing or hereafter planted or grown, whether harvested, unharvested or stored; all products of crops and all seed, fertilizer, chemicals and supplies used or produced in connection with any crop. Feed and Grain. All feed and grain from whatever source, stored, used or to be used, whether grown, purchased, or otherwise acquired. Inventory. All inventory owned by or consigned to debtor of whatever nature. Machinery and Equipment. All equipment, machinery, nontitled motor vehicles, tools, tanks, and removable structures used or useful in farming or ranching operations, all fuel, parts, accessories, and improvements thereto. Fixtures. All fixtures and irrigation equipment located on the real estate upon which the Facilities are located. FORM 6281 (6-2006) Page 13 of 39 39 This security interest is in addition to any security interest or other lien granted to Lender under the terms of any Mortgage, Trust Deed or Security Agreement executed by Borrower or by any third party or any other document or agreement. Said security interest or other lien is continuing and shall include the proceeds and products of the Collateral, including, but limited to, the proceeds of any insurance thereon.