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A Participant who. (i) is not a more than 5% owner, and
A Participant who. (i) is not a 5% owner,

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  • Participant See Section 7(a) hereof.

  • Participant Loans This Section 10.03[E] specifically authorizes the Trustee to make loans on a nondiscriminatory basis to a Participant or to a Beneficiary in accordance with the loan policy established by the Advisory Committee, provided: (1) the loan policy satisfies the requirements of Section 9.04; (2) loans are available to all Participants and Beneficiaries on a reasonably equivalent basis and are not available in a greater amount for Highly Compensated Employees than for other Employees; (3) any loan is adequately secured and bears a reasonable rate of interest; (4) the loan provides for repayment within a specified time; (5) the default provisions of the note prohibit offset of the Participant's Nonforfeitable Accrued Benefit prior to the time the Trustee otherwise would distribute the Participant's Nonforfeitable Accrued Benefit; (6) the amount of the loan does not exceed (at the time the Plan extends the loan) the present value of the Participant's Nonforfeitable Accrued Benefit; and (7) the loan otherwise conforms to the exemption provided by Code Section 4975(d)(1). If the joint and survivor requirements of Article VI apply to the Participant, the Participant may not pledge any portion of his Accrued Benefit as security for a loan made after August 18, 1985, unless, within the 90 day period ending on the date the pledge becomes effective, the Participant's spouse, if any, consents (in a manner described in Section 6.05 other than the requirement relating to the consent of a subsequent spouse) to the security or, by separate consent, to an increase in the amount of security. If the Employer is an unincorporated trade or business, a Participant who is an Owner-Employee may not receive a loan from the Plan, unless he has obtained a prohibited transaction exemption from the Department of Labor. If the Employer is an "S Corporation," a Participant who is a shareholder-employee (an employee or an officer) who, at any time during the Employer's taxable year, owns more than 5%, either directly or by attribution under Code Section 318(a)(1), of the Employer's outstanding stock may not receive a loan from the Plan, unless he has obtained a prohibited transaction exemption from the Department of Labor. If the Employer is not an unincorporated trade or business nor an "S Corporation," this Section 10.03[E] does not impose any restrictions on the class of Participants eligible for a loan from the Plan. [F] INVESTMENT IN QUALIFYING EMPLOYER SECURITIES AND QUALIFYING EMPLOYER REAL PROPERTY. The investment options in this Section 10.03[F] include the ability to invest in qualifying Employer securities or qualifying Employer real property, as defined in and as limited by ERISA. If the Employer's Plan is a Nonstandardized profit sharing plan, it may elect in its Adoption Agreement to permit the aggregate investments in qualifying Employer securities and in qualifying Employer real property to exceed 10% of the value of Plan assets.

  • Participant Bound by Plan Participant hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Plan and agrees to be bound by all the terms and provisions thereof.

  • Participant Undertaking Participant hereby agrees to take whatever additional action and execute whatever additional documents the Corporation may deem necessary or advisable in order to carry out or effect one or more of the obligations or restrictions imposed on either Participant or the Purchased Shares pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Participant Contributions If Participant contributions are permitted, complete (a), (b), and (c). Otherwise complete (d).

  • Participant Information My address is: My Social Security Number is:

  • Eligible Participants Families and individuals experiencing homelessness. For the purposes of the Program, families and individuals are considered to be homeless only when he/she/they lack(s) a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence and reside(s) in a place not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, sidewalks, abandoned buildings, motels, or other shelters, or for reference as further defined in 24 CFR Part 578.3 and 576.2.

  • Participating FFI The term Participating FFI means a Financial Institution that has agreed to comply with the requirements of an FFI Agreement, including a Financial Institution described in a Model 2 IGA that has agreed to comply with the requirements of an FFI Agreement. The term Participating FFI also includes a qualified intermediary branch of a Reporting U.S. Financial Institution, unless such branch is a Reporting Model 1

  • Sharing of Participant Information Adaptec and Roxio shall share, or cause to be shared, all participant information that is necessary or appropriate for the efficient and accurate administration of each of the Adaptec Plans and the Roxio Plans during the respective periods applicable to such Plans as Roxio and Adaptec may mutually agree. Adaptec and Roxio and their respective authorized agents shall, subject to applicable laws of confidentiality and data protection, be given reasonable and timely access to, and may make copies of, all information relating to the subjects of this Agreement in the custody of the other party or its agents, to the extent necessary or appropriate for such administration.

  • BREAK IN SERVICE - PARTICIPATION The Break in Service rule described in Section 2.03(B) of the Plan: (Choose (a) or (b)) [X] (a) Does not apply to the Employer's Plan. [ ] (b) Applies to the Employer's Plan.