A) Create, Incur, Assume, Suffer to Exist or Otherwise Be Liable With Respect to Any Indebtedness or Enter Into Any “keep Well Sample Clauses

A) create, incur, assume, suffer to exist or otherwise be liable with respect to any Indebtedness or enter into any “keep well or other Contract to maintain any financial or similar condition of another Person (except for inter-company borrowings between or among the Company and its Subsidiaries and except for revolving credit borrowings under the Company’s current credit facility), (B) make any loan, advance, investment or capital contribution to, or other investment in, either by purchase of stock or securities, contributions to capital, property transfers, or purchase of any property or assets of any Person, other than loans, advances, investments and capital contributions to or in its wholly-owned Subsidiaries made in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practices and other than advances of reasonable travel or other business expenses to employees and consultants in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice or (C) repurchase or repay any Indebtedness (other than ordinary course payments of interest or other amounts under any Contract relating to Indebtedness in existence as of the date of this Agreement and made available to Parent);