911 Provincial Joint Conference Board Sample Clauses

911 Provincial Joint Conference Board. This Board shall consist of a member appointed by each Local Union and one Employer from each Local Union area to be appointed by the E.C.A., plus a representative who may be appointed by the I.B.E.W. International Office, plus a representative appointed by the Electrical Contractors Association of B.C. The Provincial Joint Conference Board shall meet a minimum of three (3) times per year. The Joint Conference Board shall consider means to develop and maintain good relations and communications between employees and Employers and consider and make recommendations for the advancement of the electrical construction industry. ARTICLE X — SAFETY PRACTICES 1001 The Employer and the Union hereby declare their intent to conduct a safe operation. Working practices shall be governed by the regulations of the Province of British Columbia insofar as they apply and safety practices established on projects, also the Safety Practices section of this Agreement. The Employer and the Union will establish Safety Committees at headquarters or jobs where fifteen (15) or more employees are working. At headquarters or jobs where less than fifteen (15) employees are working, then one (1) man shall be appointed to act as the safety representative. Adequate time and transportation will be supplied by the Employer in order that safety representatives may carry out their duties. All workmen will receive a safety orientation tour of the job site upon his arrival. Where regulations warrant all workmen will have access to sniffer readings.It shall not be a condition of employment to work under unsafe conditions. 1002 A Journeyman will not be allowed to work on high voltage alone, or in a hazardous position alone, but must be accompanied by another Journeyman. 450 volts A.C. or 300 volts D.C. to be considered high voltage for Wiremen. Cable Splicers shall not work on live cables where the difference in potential is more than 300 volts between the conductor and ground. 1003 In the event of accidental damage by employees to customer’s property, said damage shall be paid by Employer or by suitable insurance scheme carried by the Employer. It is understood and agreed that the average liability insurance policy that covers both the Employer and employees, which is now carried by a majority of the signatory Employers, shall be determined and implemented as the minimum amount that shall be carried by all signatory Employers as of January 1, 1983. 1004 Protective clothing and safety equipment including stamped rubber gloves, hard hats, winter linings, new sweat bands as required by the WorkersCompensation Board to protect a man and his clothing shall be supplied by the Employer, and shall be union made whenever possible. Rubber boots having steel toes and rainproof clothing to be supplied by Employer to men requested to work in adverse conditions. Employer will supply protective clothing for welding and cutting. Employees making use of clothing, etc. will be responsible for the return of such articles subject to normal wear. Failure to return such articles will subject the employee to paying for same at cost. Where requested by the Employer to use explosive activated tools, time spent to obtain certificate shall be during working hours and considered as time worked. (High explosive activated tools shall not be used.)
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