80290435 and thereafter Sample Clauses

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  • Sunshine Ordinance In accordance with San Francisco Administrative Code §67.24(e), contracts, contractors’ bids, responses to solicitations and all other records of communications between City and persons or firms seeking contracts, shall be open to inspection immediately after a contract has been awarded. Nothing in this provision requires the disclosure of a private person or organization’s net worth or other proprietary financial data submitted for qualification for a contract or other benefit until and unless that person or organization is awarded the contract or benefit. Information provided which is covered by this paragraph will be made available to the public upon request.

  • SBC-12STATE 47.1.1 The terms contained in this Agreement and any Appendices, Attachments, Exhibits, Schedules, and Addenda constitute the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, superseding all prior understandings, proposals and other communications, oral or written between the Parties during the negotiations of this Agreement and through the execution and/or Effective Date of this Agreement. This Agreement shall not operate as or constitute a novation of any agreement or contract between the Parties that predates the execution and/or Effective Date of this Agreement.

  • Extended Health Care The Hospital shall contribute on behalf of each eligible employee seventy-five percent (75%) of the billed premium under the Extended Health Care Plan (Liberty Health $15-25 deductible plan including hearing aids with a maximum of $300.00 per person and vision care with a maximum of $150.00 every 24 months per person, or its equivalent) provided the balance of the monthly premium is paid by employees through payroll deduction. Any Hospital currently paying more than 75% of the premium shall continue to do so. The drug formulary shall be as defined by Liberty Health Formulary Three.

  • Banking Association The Owner Trustee is a banking association satisfying Section 3807(a) of the Delaware Statutory Trust Act and meets the eligibility requirements of Section 9.1(a).

  • SBC-13STATE shall provide to CLEC Interconnection of the Parties’ facilities and equipment for the transmission and routing of Telephone Exchange Service traffic and Exchange Access traffic pursuant to the applicable Appendix ITR, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. Methods for Interconnection and Physical Architecture shall be as defined in the applicable Appendix NIM, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.

  • Paribas Arbitrage S N.C. is the authorised participant. What is the key financial information regarding the Issuer? Statement of Comprehensive income of Leverage Shares plc for the financial period 1-Jul-19 to 30-Jun-20 USD - Audited 1-Jul-18 to 30-Jun-19 USD - Audited Net profit/(loss) 0 0 Statement of financial position of Leverage Shares plc for the financial period ended 30-Jun-20 USD - Audited 30-Jun-19 USD- Audited Total Assets 35,113,428 11,463,915 Total Liabilities 35,086,063 11,436,550 Financial Assets designated at fair value through profit or loss 28,798,446 11,358,467 Derivative financial assets 0 0 Financial liabilities designated at fair value through profit or loss 19,180,104 5,668,141 Derivative financial liabilities 0 0

  • Joint Funded Project with the Ohio Department of Transportation In the event that the Recipient does not have contracting authority over project engineering, construction, or right-of- way, the Recipient and the OPWC hereby assign certain responsibilities to the Ohio Department of Transportation, an authorized representative of the State of Ohio. Notwithstanding Sections IV, VI.A., VI.B., VI.C., and VII of the Project Agreement, Recipient hereby acknowledges that upon notification by the Ohio Department of Transportation, all payments for eligible project costs will be disbursed by the Grantor directly to the Ohio Department of Transportation. A Memorandum of Funds issued by the Ohio Department of Transportation shall be used to certify the estimated project costs. Upon receipt of a Memorandum of Funds from the Ohio Department of Transportation, the OPWC shall transfer funds directly to the Ohio Department of Transportation via an Intra-State Transfer Voucher. The amount or amounts transferred shall be determined by applying the Participation Percentages defined in Appendix D to those eligible project costs within the Memorandum of Funds. In the event that the Project Scope is for right-of-way only, notwithstanding Appendix D, the OPWC shall pay for 100% of the right-of-way costs not to exceed the total financial assistance provided in Appendix C. APPENDIX D LOCAL SUBDIVISION CONTRIBUTION, PROJECT FINANCING AND EXPENSES SCHEME AND DISBURSEMENT RATIO

  • Massachusetts Law to Apply This Agreement shall be construed and the provisions thereof interpreted under and in accordance with laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Health Care The Change Entity will reimburse the Executive for the cost of continuing health coverage under COBRA, less the amount the Executive is expected to pay as an employee premium at the lowest rate in effect at any time during the Protection Period for this coverage, until the earlier of [i] the last day of the 24th complete calendar month beginning after the date the Executive is Terminated in Connection With a Change of Control or [ii] the date the Executive becomes eligible for comparable benefits at comparable costs to the Executive under another employer sponsored benefit program. The amounts payable under this section will be increased to reimburse the Executive for federal, state and local income, employment and wage taxes associated with that reimbursement. Any reimbursement for continuing health coverage under this Section 5.07[1][c], other than with respect to any continuing health coverage during the applicable COBRA health insurance benefit continuation period described in Section 4980B of the Code, and any reimbursement for taxes remitted pursuant to this Section 5.07[1][c] shall be subject to the following: [A] the amount eligible for reimbursement during any taxable year of the Executive may not affect the amount eligible for reimbursement to the Executive in any other taxable year; [B] any reimbursement shall be made on or before the last day of the taxable year of the Executive following the taxable year of the Executive in which the expense is incurred; and [C] the right to such reimbursement may not be subject to liquidation or exchange for another benefit. [d] Other. Any rights (including those arising on account of the Change of Control) accruing to the Executive under any other compensatory program and employee benefit plan, fund or program maintained by the Change Entity will be distributed or made available as required by the terms of the program, plan or fund or as required by law.

  • Wage Scale The wages shown in Appendix A will be part of this Agreement.