6Coordination Sample Clauses

6Coordination. Immediately after the Closing Date, each of Buyer and Seller shall (or Seller shall seek to obligate any entities which may in the future control any or all Non-Transferred Products (“Future Buyers”) in its place to) appoint one (1) individual to act as a liaison for such party in connection with coordinating certain activities contemplated by this Agreement (each, a “Coordination Manager”). Given that after the Closing Date, Seller or any Future Buyers will own rights related to the Non-Transferred Products and Buyer will own rights related to the Products in the Territory, activities that may be the subject of such coordination shall include: regulatory and compliance matters under this ARTICLE IX and Section 14.15, and health and safety matters under Section 9.8. The Coordination Managers may meet no less frequently than once per calendar quarter, and may meet in person or by means of teleconference, videoconference or other similar means.

Related to 6Coordination

  • Coordination The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall confer regularly to coordinate the planning, scheduling and performance of preventive and corrective maintenance on the Large Generating Facility and the Attachment Facilities. The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall keep NYISO fully informed of the preventive and corrective maintenance that is planned, and shall schedule all such maintenance in accordance with NYISO procedures.

  • Project Coordination The Engineer shall coordinate all subconsultant activity to include quality and consistency of deliverables and administration of the invoices and monthly progress reports. The Engineer shall coordinate with necessary local entities.

  • Project Management and Coordination The Engineer shall coordinate all subconsultant activity to include quality of and consistency of work and administration of the invoices and monthly progress reports. The Engineer shall coordinate with necessary local entities.

  • Utility Coordination Identify all potential utility conflicts and provide preliminary office check plans showing the problem locations, posted to the City’s FTP site. Plans will clearly identify specific utility company facilities by color and by name (i.e. not just “gas” or “fiber optic”). ENGINEER shall include a conflict list for each utility, also posted to the FTP site. ENGINEER shall meet with utility company representatives to review plans and utility verification forms (Attachment No. 3 to Exhibit “A”) at each milestone date and as directed by the CITY and as determined necessary by the ENGINEER. This in- formation will be compiled into a summary report (Attachment No. 4 to Exhibit “A” also available on the City’s FTP site) maintained and updated by ENGINEER as necessary to present a cohesive and reflective status of utilities, and provided to the City as necessary. ENGINEER shall maintain involvement with utility companies until all conflicts have been resolved (not just identified). When appropriate, the City Engineer will approve the identification on plans of conflicts to be resolved during construction. ENGINEER shall meet with involved utility company/ies and project contractor to resolve any conflicts with utilities that occur during construction.

  • Cooperation and Coordination The Parties acknowledge and agree that it is their mutual objective and intent to minimize, to the extent feasible and legal, taxes payable with respect to their collaborative efforts under this Agreement and that they shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate and coordinate with each other to achieve such objective.

  • Coordination of Work Contractor shall be in charge of and responsible for the coordination, scheduling, performance and sequence of all elements of the work unless otherwise stated.

  • Coordinators As of the Effective Date, each Party shall appoint and provide written notice to the other Party pursuant to Section 14.1, of the name, title and contact information for an individual who shall be a current officer or employee of such Party or an Affiliate thereof and shall serve as such Party’s primary contact with respect to issues that may arise out of the scope or performance of this Agreement (each, a “Coordinator”). The Parties may replace their respective Coordinator by giving notice pursuant Section 14.1 to the other Party stating the name, title and contact information for the new Coordinator. Subject to Section 7.7, each Coordinator will have primary responsibility on behalf of its respective Party, to communicate and coordinate with the other Coordinator with respect to this Agreement. The Coordinators shall meet, either in person or telephonically, from time to time as necessary or appropriate to discuss open issues related to this Agreement and performance hereunder. In the event there is an open issue that is time critical (in the reasonable judgment of the requesting Coordinator) or a dispute arises between the Parties under this Agreement, the Coordinators shall meet as soon as reasonably practicable and shall use reasonable efforts and work together in good faith to resolve any disagreements or disputes between the Parties as expeditiously as possible.

  • Order Coordination and Order Coordination-Time Specific “Order Coordination” (OC) allows BellSouth and Global Connection to coordinate the installation of the SL2 Loops, Unbundled Digital Loops (UDL) and other Loops where OC may be purchased as an option, to Global Connection’s facilities to limit end user service outage. OC is available when the Loop is provisioned over an existing circuit that is currently providing service to the end user. OC for physical conversions will be scheduled at BellSouth’s discretion during normal working hours on the committed due date. OC shall be provided in accordance with the chart set forth below.

  • Coordination of Timing Notwithstanding paragraphs 3 and 5 of Article 3 of this Agreement:

  • Coordination of Services Consultant agrees to work closely with City staff in the performance of Services and shall be available to City’s staff, consultants and other staff at all reasonable times.