6A Invoices for Suppliers' ERS Charges Sample Clauses

6A Invoices for Suppliers' ERS Charges. No later than the fifth working day of each month, the Settlement System Administrator shall send to each Supplier an invoice determined in accordance with Part K in respect of:-

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  • Fees for Service and Taxes A. The Local Exchange Company will not be charged a fee for storage services provided by BST to the Local Exchange Company, as described in Section I of this Agreement.

  • Charges for Services Roxio shall pay Adaptec the charges, if any, set forth on the Transition Service Schedules for each of the Services listed therein as adjusted, from time to time, in accordance with the processes and procedures established under Section 5.4 and Section 5.5 hereof. Such fees shall include the costs, as determined using the process described in such Transition Service Schedule, of providing the Services plus five percent (5%), unless specifically indicated otherwise on a Transition Service Schedule. The parties also intend for charges to be easy to administer and justify and, therefore, they hereby acknowledge it may be counterproductive to try to recover every cost, charge or expense, particularly those that are insignificant or de minimus. The parties shall use good faith efforts to discuss any situation in which the actual charge for a Service is reasonably expected to exceed the estimated charge, if any, set forth on a Transition Service Schedule for a particular Service; provided, however, that the incurrence of charges in excess of any such estimate on such Transition Service Schedule shall not justify stopping the provision of, or payment for, Services under this Agreement.

  • Solicitations for Subcontracts, Including Procurements of Materials and Equipment In all solicitations either by competitive bidding or negotiation made by the Engineer for work to be performed under a subcontract, including procurements of materials or leases of equipment, each potential subcontractor or supplier shall be notified by the Engineer of the Engineer's obligations under this contract and the Regulations relative to nondiscrimination on the grounds of race, color, or national origin.

  • Price Adjustments for OGS Centralized Contracts Periodic price adjustments will occur no more than twice per year on a schedule to be established solely by OGS. Pricing offered shall be fixed for the first twelve (12) months of the Contract term. Such price increases will only apply to the OGS Centralized Contracts and shall not be applied retroactively to Authorized User Agreements or any Mini-bids already submitted to an Authorized User. Price Decreases Price decreases may be made at any time. Additionally, some price decreases shall be calculated in accordance with Appendix B, section 17, Pricing.

  • Packing Materials and Containers for Shipment Packing materials and containers in which a good is packed for shipment shall be disregarded in determining whether:

  • Service Charges No service charge shall be made for any exchange or registration of transfer of Warrants.

  • Fees for Services The compensation of the Subadviser for its services under this Agreement shall be calculated and paid by the Adviser in accordance with the attached Schedule C. Pursuant to the Investment Advisory Agreement between the Fund and the Adviser, the Adviser is solely responsible for the payment of fees to the Subadviser.

  • CONTRACT INVOICING a. Invoicing. Contractor and the dealers/distributors/resellers designated by the Contractor, if any, shall provide complete and accurate billing invoices to each Authorized User in order to receive payment. Billing invoices submitted to an Authorized User must contain all information required by the Contract and the State Comptroller or other appropriate fiscal officer. Submission of an invoice and payment thereof shall not preclude the Commissioner from requesting reimbursement or demanding a price adjustment in any case where the Product delivered is found to deviate from the terms and conditions of the Contract or where the billing was inaccurate. Contractor shall provide, upon request of the Commissioner, any and all information necessary to verify the accuracy of the billings. Such information shall be provided in a commercially reasonable manner as requested by the Commissioner. The Commissioner may direct the Contractor to provide the information to the State Comptroller or to any Authorized User of the Contract.

  • Accuracy of Orders; Customer Signatures You shall be responsible for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of any orders transmitted by you on behalf of your customers by any means, including wire or telephone. In addition, you agree to guarantee the signatures of your customers when such guarantee is required by the Company and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless all persons, including us and the Funds’ transfer agent, from and against any and all loss, cost, damage or expense suffered or incurred in reliance upon such signature guarantee.

  • Compensation for Services Provided As compensation for providing portfolio supervisory services in its capacity as Portfolio Supervisor, evaluation services in its capacity as Evaluator, and for providing bookkeeping and other administrative services to the Trust of a character described in Section 26(a)(2)(C) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, and to the extent that such services are in addition to, and do not duplicate, the services to be provided hereunder by the Trustee, First Trust Advisors L.P. shall receive, in arrears, against a statement or statements therefor submitted to the Trustee monthly or annually an aggregate annual fee in the per Unit amount set forth in Part II of the Trust Agreement for the Trust, calculated based on the largest number of Units outstanding during the calendar year, except during the initial offering period as determined in Section 4.01 of this Indenture, in which case the fee is calculated based on the largest number of Units outstanding during the period for which the compensation is paid (such annual fee to be pro rated for any calendar year in which First Trust Advisors L.P. provides services described herein during less than the whole of such year). Such fee may exceed the actual cost of providing such services for the Trust, but at no time will the total amount received for such services rendered to unit investment trusts of which the Depositor is the sponsor in any calendar year exceed the aggregate cost to First Trust Advisors L.P. of supplying such services in such year. Such compensation may, from time to time, be adjusted provided that the total adjustment upward does not, at the time of such adjustment, exceed the percentage of the total increase after the date hereof in consumer prices for services as measured by the United States Department of Labor Consumer Price Index entitled "All Services Less Rent of Shelter" or similar index, if such index should no longer be published. The consent or concurrence of any Unit holder hereunder shall not be required for any such adjustment or increase. Such compensation shall be paid by the Trustee, upon receipt of an invoice therefor from First Trust Advisors L.P., which shall constitute the representation by First Trust Advisors L.P. that the bookkeeping and administrative services for which compensation is claimed are properly compensable hereunder and that the aggregate cost incurred by First Trust Advisors L.P. of providing portfolio supervisory, evaluation and bookkeeping and administrative services hereunder was not less than the compensation claimed, upon which representation the Trustee may conclusively rely. Such compensation shall be charged against the Income and/or Capital Accounts in accordance with Section 3.05. If the cash balance in the Income and Capital Accounts shall be insufficient to provide for amounts payable pursuant to this Section 4.03, the Trustee shall have the power to sell (i) Securities from the current list of Securities designated to be sold pursuant to Section 5.02 hereof, or (ii) if no such Securities have been so designated, such Securities as the Trustee may see fit to sell in its own discretion, and to apply the proceeds of any such sale in payment of the amounts payable pursuant to this Section 4.03. Any moneys payable to First Trust Advisors L.P. pursuant to this Section 4.03 shall be secured by a lien on the Trust prior to the interest of Unit holders, but no such lien shall be prior to any lien in favor of the Trustee under the provisions of Section 6.04 herein.