67 DIVISION 5 METALS SECTION 5A - STRUCTURAL STEEL. 5A-01 All structural steel work shall conform to the "Specifications for Design, Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steel for Buildings" of the American Institute of Steel Construction and the requirements of the local building code. All steel shall be ASTM-A-36. 5A-02 The structure shall be steel columns, beams or trusses, and bar joists. The building shall be designed in accordance with the building code requirements. 5A-03 The roof construction shall be 22 gauge, prime-painted metal roof decking. Roof shall be designed to support a live load of 35 p.s.f. plus the loading required for a rubber or EPDM ballasted roofing system. 5A-04 Second and third floor framing systems shall be designed to support a total (live) load of 100 p.s.f. with live load reduction allowed by the Massachusetts State Code. Floor decking shall be 28 gauge Fab-Form metal deck or equal. 5A-05 Provide thirteen feet (13'-0") from first floor slab to second floor slab. Provide thirteen feet (13'-0") from second floor slab to the third floor slab. Provide thirteen feet six inches (13'-6") from third floor slab to the top of the roof steel. 5A-06 Provide wind framing and attachment for precast concrete. 5A-07 Provide framing and supports for roof top equipment as may be required. SECTION 5B - MISCELLANEOUS AND ORNAMENTAL IRON 5B-01 Provide manhole and catch basin frames and covers where required. 5B-02 Stair shall be metal pan, concrete filled type. Stair shall be provided with integral nosings. Handrails shall be tubular steel, except as otherwise indicated on the drawings. 5B-03 All necessary channel iron supports and hanging rods for toilet partitions and glass entrances shall be provided. 5B-04 Provide one ornamental stair from the first to the second floor at the Atrium.