6.04. Resolution of Disputes Sample Clauses

6.04. Resolution of Disputes. If, after a Change in Control, (1) a dispute arises with respect to the enforcement of the Participant’s rights under the Plan, or (2) any legal proceeding shall be brought to enforce or interpret any provision contained in the Plan or to recover damages for breach of the Plan, in either case so long as the Participant is not acting in bad faith or otherwise pursuing a course of action that a reasonable person would determine to be frivolous, the Participant shall recover from the Company any reasonable attorneys’ fees and necessary costs and disbursements incurred as a result of such dispute or legal proceeding (“Expenses”), and prejudgment interest on any money judgment obtained by the Participant calculated at the rate of interest announced by US Bank Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (or any successor thereto), from time to time as its prime or base lending rate from the date that payments to the Participant should have been made under this Plan. Within ten (10) days after the Participant’s written request therefore and reasonable substantiation that such expenses have been incurred (but in no event later than the end of the calendar year following the calendar year in which such Expense is incurred), the Company shall pay to the Participant, or such other person or entity as the Participant may designate in writing to the Company, the Participant’s Expenses. The reimbursement shall be made even though a final disposition or conclusion of the dispute or legal proceeding has not been entered. In the case of a deceased Participant, this Section shall apply with respect to the Participant’s Beneficiary or estate.