60 ARTICLE 13 - NOTICE Sample Clauses

60 ARTICLE 13 - NOTICE. 13.1 Notices. Unless otherwise stated herein, all notices, demands or requests required or permitted to be given by either Party to the other under this Agreement, or any instrument or document required or permitted to be tendered or delivered by either Party shall be made: (1) by depositing the same in any United States Post Office, postage prepaid, for transmission by certified or registered mail (except that payments may be forwarded by regular mail) addressed to the other Party, or (2) by personally delivering to the other Party, such transmittal at the following addresses: If to TU Electric: with respect to scheduling and dispatching: Generation Coordinator Power Supply Operations Group TU Electric Company 1601 Bryan Street Dallas, Texas 75201-3411 (214) 812-6240. with respect to all other matters: Henry A. Bunting Manager, Power Resource Acquisition TU Electric Company 1601 Bryan Street Energy Plaza, 12th Floor Dallas, Texas 75201-3411. If to Cogenron: with respect to Cogeneration Facility operations: Shift Supervisor 3221 Fifth Avenue South Texas City, Texas 77590 (409) 945-7324.