5.8 Sales of Securities Under Rule 144, if Applicable Sample Clauses

5.8 Sales of Securities under Rule 144, If Applicable. Parent will use its best efforts to at all times satisfy the current public information requirements of Rule 144 promulgated under the Securities Act. If any certificate representing any such restricted stock is presented to Parent’s transfer agent for registration or transfer in connection with any sales theretofore made under Rule 144, provided such certificate is duly endorsed for transfer by the appropriate person(s) or accompanied by a separate stock power duly executed by the appropriate person(s) in each case with reasonable assurances that such endorsements are genuine and effective, and is accompanied by an opinion of counsel satisfactory to Parent and its counsel that such transfer has complied with the requirements of Rule 144, as the case may be, Parent will promptly instruct its transfer agent to allow such transfer and to issue one or more new certificates representing such shares to the transferee and, if appropriate under the provisions of Rule 144, as the case may be, free of any stop transfer order or restrictive legend.