500 Occupied Buildings and Repaint Construction (Saturdays and Sundays Sample Clauses

500 Occupied Buildings and Repaint Construction (Saturdays and Sundays. Notwithstanding any contrary provision(s) of this Agreement and/or the parties’ interest arbitration award issued July 2, 2013, the following terms and conditions shall apply.

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  • Access to Premises From time to time as requested by Lender, at the cost and expense of Borrower, (a) Lender or its designee shall have complete access to all of Borrower's premises during normal business hours and after notice to Borrower, or at any time and without notice to Borrower if an Event of Default exists or has occurred and is continuing, for the purposes of inspecting, verifying and auditing the Collateral and all of Borrower's books and records, including, without limitation, the Records, and (b) Borrower shall promptly furnish to Lender such copies of such books and records or extracts therefrom as Lender may request, and (c) use during normal business hours such of Borrower's personnel, equipment, supplies and premises as may be reasonably necessary for the foregoing and if an Event of Default exists or has occurred and is continuing for the collection of Accounts and realization of other Collateral.

  • Premises Building Project and Common Areas 1.1 Premises, Building, Project and Common Areas.

  • LESSOR'S ACCESS; SHOWING PREMISES; REPAIRS Lessor and Lessor's agents shall have the right to enter the Premises at any time, in the case of an emergency, and otherwise at reasonable times for the purpose of showing the same to prospective purchasers, lenders, or lessees, and making such alterations, repairs, improvements or additions to the Premises or to the Building, as Lessor may reasonably deem necessary. Lessor may at any time place on or about the Premises or Building any ordinary "For Sale" signs and Lessor may at any time during the last one hundred eighty (180) days of the term hereof place on or about the Premises any ordinary "For Lease" signs. All such activities of Lessor shall be without abatement of rent or liability to Lessee.

  • LANDLORD'S ACCESS TO PREMISES Landlord reserves and shall at any time upon reasonable notice and in compliance with Tenant’s reasonable security measures have the right to enter the Premises to inspect the same, to supply any service to be provided by Landlord to Tenant hereunder to service and repair HVAC units, water pipes and sprinkler mains, and electrical and telephone risers servicing other parts of the Building, to show said Premises to prospective purchasers or tenants, to alter or repair the Premises or any portion of the Building, and to place “for sale” or “for rent” signs on the Building, all without being deemed guilty of an eviction of Tenant and without abatement of Rent, provided that the business of Tenant shall be interfered with as little as is reasonably practicable. Tenant hereby waives any claim for damages or any inconvenience to or interference with Tenant’s business, any loss of quiet enjoyment of the Premises and any other loss occasioned thereby. For each of the aforesaid purposes, Landlord shall at all times have and retain a key with which to unlock the main door to the Premises but not Tenant’s vaults and safes, and Landlord shall have the right to use any and all means which Landlord may deem proper to open said door in an emergency in order to obtain entry to the Premises, and any entry to the Premises obtained by Landlord by any of said means shall not under any circumstances be construed or deemed to be a forcible or unlawful entry into, or a detainer of the Premises, or any eviction of Tenant from the Premises or any portion thereof. No provision of this Lease shall be construed as obligating Landlord to perform any repairs, alterations or decoration except as otherwise expressly agreed to be performed by Landlord.

  • Office Space, Equipment and Facilities Furnish without cost to the Fund, or pay the cost of, such office space, office equipment and office facilities as are adequate for the needs of the Fund;

  • Building Renovations It is specifically understood and agreed that Landlord has made no representation or warranty to Tenant and has no obligation and has made no promises to alter, remodel, improve, renovate, repair or decorate the Premises, Building, or any part thereof and that no representations respecting the condition of the Premises or the Building have been made by Landlord to Tenant except as specifically set forth herein or in the Work Letter. However, Tenant hereby acknowledges that Landlord is currently renovating or may during the Lease Term renovate, improve, alter, or modify (collectively, the “Renovations”) the Project, the Building and/or the Premises including without limitation the parking structure, common areas, systems and equipment, roof, and structural portions of the same, which Renovations may include, without limitation, (i) installing sprinklers in the Building common areas and tenant spaces, (ii) modifying the common areas and tenant spaces to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including regulations relating to the physically disabled, seismic conditions, and building safety and security, and (iii) installing new floor covering, lighting, and wall coverings in the Building common areas, and in connection with any Renovations, Landlord may, among other things, erect scaffolding or other necessary structures in the Building, limit or eliminate access to portions of the Project, including portions of the common areas, or perform work in the Building, which work may create noise, dust or leave debris in the Building. Tenant hereby agrees that such Renovations and Landlord’s actions in connection with such Renovations shall in no way constitute a constructive eviction of Tenant nor entitle Tenant to any abatement of Rent. Landlord shall have no responsibility or for any reason be liable to Tenant for any direct or indirect injury to or interference with Tenant’s business arising from the Renovations, nor shall Tenant be entitled to any compensation or damages from Landlord for loss of the use of the whole or any part of the Premises or of Tenant’s personal property or improvements resulting from the Renovations or Landlord’s actions in connection with such Renovations, or for any inconvenience or annoyance occasioned by such Renovations or Landlord’s actions.

  • Improvements to Premises Lessee is in possession of the Premises and accepts the same "as is" without any agreements, representations, understandings or obligations on the part of Landlord to perform any alterations, repairs or improvements, except as may be expressly provided otherwise in this Amendment.

  • Access to Premises and Records Between the date of this Agreement ------------------------------ and the Closing Date, Seller will give Buyer and its counsel, accountants and other representatives full access during normal business hours upon reasonable notice to all the premises and books and records of the Business and to all the Assets and to the System personnel and will furnish to Buyer and such representatives all such documents, financial information, and other information regarding the Business and the Assets as Buyer from time to time reasonably may request; provided that no such investigation will affect or limit the scope of any of Seller's representations, warranties, covenants and indemnities in this Agreement or any Transaction Document or limit liability for any breach of any of the foregoing.

  • Union Activity on Premises and/or Access to Premises The Union agrees that neither it, nor its officers, agents, representatives and members will engage in the solicitation of members, holding of meetings or any other Union activities on Hospital premises or on Hospital time without the prior approval of the Hospital, except as specifically provided for in this Agreement. Such approval will not be unreasonably denied.

  • Alterations to Premises Tenant shall make no structural or interior alterations to the Premises. If Tenant requests such alterations and such alterations are structural in nature, then Tenant shall provide Landlord with a complete set of construction drawings. If Landlord consents to the alterations, then the Landlord shall determine the actual cost of the work to be done. Tenant may then either agree to pay Landlord to have the work done or withdraw its request for alterations; provided, however, that at Tenant’s request, Landlord shall not unreasonably withhold its consent to allowing Tenant and/or Tenant’s contractors to perform such work. All such alterations are subject to the prior written approval of Landlord, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Subject to the terms of this paragraph, and notwithstanding any provision of this Lease to the contrary, Landlord agrees to allow Tenant to construct (i) a data center within the Premises and to install equipment (which may include generator, condensers, UPS, etc.) in the Building and around the land surrounding the Building necessary to facilitate the operation of Tenant’s data center, and (ii) an opening in the curtain wall of Floor 1 of Building C, to install two (2) four foot doors within such opening, to improve the outside area for delivery access and to install other improvements (which may include a large dumpster) to the Building and the land surrounding the Building necessary to facilitate the operation of Tenant’s Fulfillment Center. All such alterations shall be performed by Tenant’s contractors (which shall be subject to Landlord’s approval, not to be unreasonably withheld), at Tenant’s sole cost and expense. Notwithstanding the above paragraph, Tenant shall have the right to make nonstructural and nonsystems related alterations (“Tenant Alterations”) up to a value of $15,000.00 per occurrence (not to exceed $60,000 during any 12-month period) without Landlord’s prior written consent (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld), provided Tenant shall provide notice to Landlord of its intent to make the Tenant Alterations. Such notice shall include a copy of plans and specifications (if such alterations are of a character that would reasonably require plans and specifications) and copies of all permits, if required by the appropriate municipality, and any contracts for such Tenant Alterations. All Tenant Alterations shall be performed by contractors approved by Landlord which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, and in accordance with all applicable laws and the rules and regulations described in Section 12b.