36 ENGINE INDICATING SYSTEM. Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Thermocouples, EGT Harness and Junction Box, No. 4 Bearing Scavenge Pressure Transducer, Fuel Filter and Scavenge Differential Pressure Switches, Scavenge Oil Temperature Sensor, Oil Pressure Transmitter, Low Oil Pressure Switch, Vibration Transducers and Harness, Oil Quantity Transmitter, Magnetic Chip Detectors, Fuel Flowmeter. OIL SYSTEM: Oil Tank, Air Cooled Oil Cooler, Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler, Pressure Oil Filter Element, Air Cooled Oil Cooler Modulating Valve, Scavenge Oil Filter Housing Assembly and Element, No. 4 Bearing Compartment Scavenge Valve, Electrical Power Generator Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler. MISCELLANEOUS: EEC Harnesses - Fan and Core, Ignition Supply Harness, General Service Harness, Nose Spinner, Core Fuel Drains, Airframe Accessory Mounting Pads and Drives, Various Brackets on working flanges for attachment of Nacelle and Aircraft Equipment Electrical Power Generator Piping to Cooler, P2T2 Probe. ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT Available at Increased Price Storage Bag Shipping Stand Engine Condition Monitoring Instrumentation Items of ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT should be ordered at the time of Engine procurement in order to assure availability of this equipment at the time of Engine shipment. GENERAL NOTES The specified Sea Level Static Ratings are ideal and are based on US Standard Atmosphere 1962 conditions, the specified fuel and oil, an ideal inlet pressure recovery, no fan or compressor air bleed or load on accessory drives, a mixed exhaust system having no internal pressure losses and with a mixed primary nozzle velocity coefficient equal to 1.0. Takeoff rating is the maximum thrust certified for takeoff operation. The specified takeoff thrust is available at and below ISA + 27oF (15oC) ambient temperature. Maximum Continuous Rating is the maximum thrust certified for continuous operation. The specified thrust is available at and below ISA + 18oF (10oC) ambient temperature. Maximum Climb Rating is the maximum thrust approved for normal climb operation. Maximum Cruise Rating is the maximum thrust approved for normal cruise operation.
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