32 S-1 Sample Clauses

32 S-1. Very truly yours, BEVERLY ENTERPRISES, INC. By: /s/ Schuyler Hollingsworth, Jr. -------------------------------------- Name: Schuyler Hollingsworth, Jr. Title: Senior Vice President and Treasurer GUARANTORS listed on Schedule 1 attached hereto, By: /s/ John W. Mackenzie -------------------------------------- Name: John W. Mackenzie Title: Vice President and Secretary of each of the Guarantors 33 S-2 Accepted: CHASE SECURITIES INC., as Representative of the Initial Purchasers named on Schedule 2 attached hereto By: /s/ Earl McClanahan ------------------------------- Name: Earl McClanahan Title: Managing Director Address for notices pursuant to Section 9(c): 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, 26th floor New York, New York 10081 Attention: Legal Department 34 SCHEDULE 1 GUARANTORS Employer State of Corporation ID Number Incorporation AEGIS Therapies, Inc. (f/k/a Beverly Rehabilitation, Inc.) 71-0811574 Delaware AGI-Camelot, Inc. 43-1253376 Missouri Arborland Management Company, Inc. 58-2340689 South Carolina Associated Physical Therapy Practitioners, Inc. 23-2638708 Pennsylvania Beverly Assisted Living, Inc. 71-0777901 Delaware Beverly - Bella Vista Holding, Inc. 71-0797481 Delaware Beverly - Branson Holdings, Inc. 71-0817008 Delaware Beverly-Indianapolis, LLC 71-0824184 Indiana Beverly - Missouri Valley Holding, Inc. 71-0797485 Delaware Beverly - Plant City Holdings, Inc. 71-0817010 Delaware Beverly - Rapid City Holding, Inc. 71-0797483 Delaware Beverly - Tamarac Holdings, Inc. 71-0817009 Delaware Beverly - Tampa Holdings, Inc. 71-0817007 Delaware Beverly Clinical, Inc. 71-0796035 Delaware Beverly Enterprises International Limited 95-3982125 California Beverly Enterprises - Alabama, Inc. 95-3742145 California Beverly Enterprises - Arizona, Inc. 95-3750871 California 35 -2- Employer State of Corporation ID Number Incorporation Beverly Enterprises - Arkansas, Inc. 95-3751272 California Beverly Enterprises - California, Inc. 95-2499218 California Beverly Enterprises - Colorado, Inc. 95-3750882 California Beverly Enterprises - Connecticut, Inc. 95-3849642 California Beverly Enterprises - Delaware, Inc. 95-3849628 California Beverly Enterprises - Distribution Services, Inc. 95-4081567 California Beverly Enterprises - District of Columbia, Inc. 95-3750889 California Beverly Enterprises - Florida, Inc. 95-3742251 California
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