3.05 Certificate to Debenture Trustee Sample Clauses

3.05 Certificate to Debenture Trustee. The Corporation will deliver to the Debenture Trustee on or before 120 days after the end of each fiscal year in each year, commencing with the first fiscal year ending after the date hereof, so long as Securities are outstanding hereunder, an Officers’ Certificate, one of the signers of which shall be the principal executive, principal financial or principal accounting officer of the Corporation, stating that in the course of the performance by the signers of their duties as officers of the Corporation they would normally have knowledge of any default by the Corporation in the performance of any covenants contained herein, stating whether or not they have knowledge of any such default and, if so, specifying each such default of which the signers have knowledge and the nature thereof. For purposes of this Section 3.05, default shall be determined without regard to any period of grace or requirement of notice provided for herein.