300 W Sample Clauses

300 W. Hall Acres Suite G Pharr, Texas 78577 Each notice, demand, request or communication which shall be delivered or mailed in the manner described above shall be deemed sufficiently given for all purposes at such time as it is personally delivered to the addressee, or, if mailed, at such time as it is deposited in the United States mail.

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  • White Pages Listings 5.1 BellSouth shall provide <<customer_name>> and their customers access to white pages directory listings under the following terms:

  • SBC-12STATE 47.1.1 The terms contained in this Agreement and any Appendices, Attachments, Exhibits, Schedules, and Addenda constitute the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, superseding all prior understandings, proposals and other communications, oral or written between the Parties during the negotiations of this Agreement and through the execution and/or Effective Date of this Agreement. This Agreement shall not operate as or constitute a novation of any agreement or contract between the Parties that predates the execution and/or Effective Date of this Agreement.

  • Joint Funded Project with the Ohio Department of Transportation In the event that the Recipient does not have contracting authority over project engineering, construction, or right-of- way, the Recipient and the OPWC hereby assign certain responsibilities to the Ohio Department of Transportation, an authorized representative of the State of Ohio. Notwithstanding Sections IV, VI.A., VI.B., VI.C., and VII of the Project Agreement, Recipient hereby acknowledges that upon notification by the Ohio Department of Transportation, all payments for eligible project costs will be disbursed by the Grantor directly to the Ohio Department of Transportation. A Memorandum of Funds issued by the Ohio Department of Transportation shall be used to certify the estimated project costs. Upon receipt of a Memorandum of Funds from the Ohio Department of Transportation, the OPWC shall transfer funds directly to the Ohio Department of Transportation via an Intra-State Transfer Voucher. The amount or amounts transferred shall be determined by applying the Participation Percentages defined in Appendix D to those eligible project costs within the Memorandum of Funds. In the event that the Project Scope is for right-of-way only, notwithstanding Appendix D, the OPWC shall pay for 100% of the right-of-way costs not to exceed the total financial assistance provided in Appendix C. APPENDIX D LOCAL SUBDIVISION CONTRIBUTION, PROJECT FINANCING AND EXPENSES SCHEME AND DISBURSEMENT RATIO

  • 020A “It is unlawful for any person to transact business in the City without first having obtained a license from the City to do so and without complying with all applicable provisions of this title and paying the fee therefore.”

  • Account Verification Attorney in Fact Proxy (a) The Borrower acknowledges that after the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, after prior written notice to the Borrower of its intent to do so, the Collateral Agent may in its own name, or in the name of the Borrower, communicate with the Account Debtors of the Borrower to verify with such Persons the existence, amount and terms of, and any other matter reasonably relating to, the Accounts owing by such Account Debtor to the Borrower (including any Instruments, Chattel Paper, payment intangibles and/or other Receivables that are Collateral relating to such Accounts).

  • FIPPA The HSP acknowledges that the LHIN is bound by FIPPA and that any information provided to the LHIN in connection with this Agreement may be subject to disclosure in accordance with FIPPA.

  • Loop A transmission path that extends from a Main Distribution Frame or functionally comparable piece of equipment in a Customer's serving End Office, to the Rate Demarcation Point (or NID if installed at the Rate Demarcation Point) in or at the Customer's premises. The actual transmission facilities used to provide a Loop may utilize any of several technologies.

  • Fire Safety Resident will not tamper with fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, or exit signs. Resident will promptly evacuate Residence Facility upon the sounding of an alarm or as otherwise directed by College Housing staff. Resident will participate in any periodic fire drill and fire safety training conducted by College for the Residence Facility.

  • Gradsky, 265 Cal App. 2d 40 (1968). By executing this Guaranty, each Guarantor freely, irrevocably, and unconditionally: (i) waives and relinquishes that defense and agrees that it will be fully liable under this Guaranty even though the Secured Parties may foreclose, either by judicial foreclosure or by exercise of power of sale, any deed of trust securing the Secured Obligations; (ii) agrees that it will not assert that defense in any action or proceeding which the Secured Parties may commence to enforce this Guaranty; (iii) acknowledges and agrees that the rights and defenses waived by each Guarantor in this Guaranty include any right or defense that it may have or be entitled to assert based upon or arising out of any one or more of §§ 580a, 580b, 580d, or 726 of the California Code of Civil Procedure or § 2848 of the California Civil Code; and (iv) acknowledges and agrees that the Secured Parties are relying on this waiver in creating the Secured Obligations, and that this waiver is a material part of the consideration which the Secured Parties are receiving for creating the Secured Obligations.

  • PUBLIC WORKS Installation work which is considered public works is excluded from purchase under this Contract. Historically, the New York State Bureau of Public Works has maintained that installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment attached to any wall, ceiling, or floor, or affixed by hard wiring or plumbing is public work. In contrast, installation of a piece of equipment which is portable or a “plug-in” free-standing unit would not be considered public work. Thus, this Contract does not authorize installation where the equipment becomes a permanent part of the building structure, or is otherwise incorporated into the fabric of the building (e.g. installation on a wall, ceiling, or floor in a fixed location, or affixed by hard-wiring or plumbing). See Appendix B, §10 Prevailing Wage Rates – Public Works