3 Title to and Condition of Oil & Gas Interests Sample Clauses

3 - TITLE TO AND CONDITION OF OIL & GAS INTERESTS 3.1 Purchaser’s Data Review:Purchaser acknowledges that it has received from Seller (i) a USB portable drive containing images of certain documents, instruments and agreements relevant to Purchaser’s examination of the Oil & Gas Interests, (ii) the opportunity, to the extent Seller was able to provide it, to conduct site visit(s) of the Oil & Gas Interests, (iii) the opportunity to review lease, land contract and regulatory files in Seller’s possession that relate to the Oil & Gas Interests, (iv) the opportunity to ask questions related to the Oil & Gas Interests of managers and employees of Seller and its Affiliates, and (v) drafts of the Exhibits and Schedules to this Agreement (collectively referred to as the “Data Exchange”).3.2 Purchaser’s Obligations with Respect to the Pre-Acquisition Review: