2Terms of Insurance Sample Clauses

2Terms of Insurance. The policies required under Section 8.1 shall:

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  • Form of Insurance The form of the insurance shall be approved by the Director and the City Attorney; such approval (or lack thereof) shall never (a) excuse non-compliance with the terms of this Section, or (b) waive or estop the City from asserting its rights to terminate this Contract. The policy issuer shall (1) have a Certificate of Authority to transact insurance business in Texas, or (2) be an eligible non-admitted insurer in the State of Texas and have a Best's rating of at least B+, and a Best's Financial Size Category of Class VI or better, according to the most current Best's Key Rating Guide.

  • Types of Insurance The types and amounts of insurance required to be maintained under this Article are as follows:

  • Compliance with terms of insurances No Borrower shall do nor omit to do (nor permit to be done or not to be done) any act or thing which would or might render any obligatory insurance invalid, void, voidable or unenforceable or render any sum payable under an obligatory insurance repayable in whole or in part; and, in particular:

  • Policies of Insurance Schedule 5.25 sets forth a true and complete listing of all insurance maintained by the Loan Parties as of the Effective Date. Such insurance has not been terminated and is in full force and effect, and each of the Loan Parties has taken all action required to be taken as of the date of this Agreement to keep unimpaired its rights thereunder in all material respects. The Properties of the Loan Parties are insured with financially sound and reputable insurance companies not Affiliates of the Loan Parties in such amounts, with such deductibles and covering such risks as are customarily carried by companies engaged in similar businesses and owning similar properties.

  • Alteration to terms of insurances No Borrower shall make or agree to any alteration to the terms of any obligatory insurance or waive any right relating to any obligatory insurance.

  • Modification of insurance requirements The Security Trustee shall notify the Borrower of any proposed modification under Clause 13.18 to the requirements of this Clause 13 which the Majority Lenders consider appropriate in the circumstances, and such modification shall take effect on and from the date it is notified in writing to the Borrower as an amendment to this Clause 13 and shall bind the Borrower accordingly.

  • Requirements of Insurance All such insurance shall (i) provide that no cancellation, material reduction in amount or material change in coverage thereof shall be effective until at least 10 days (or, to the extent reasonably available, 30 days) after receipt by the Collateral Agent of written notice thereof (the Borrower shall deliver a copy of the policy (and to the extent any such policy is cancelled or renewed, a renewal or replacement policy) or other evidence thereof to the Administrative Agent and the Collateral Agent, or insurance certificate with respect thereto) and (ii) name the Collateral Agent as loss payee (in the case of property insurance) or additional insured on behalf of the Secured Parties (in the case of liability insurance) (it being understood that, absent an Event of Default, any proceeds of any such property insurance shall be delivered by the insurer(s) to the Borrower or one of its Subsidiaries and applied in accordance with this Agreement), as applicable.

  • Minimum Scope and Limits of Insurance Consultant shall obtain, maintain, and keep in full force and effect during the life of this Agreement all of the following minimum scope of insurance coverages with an insurance company admitted to do business in California, rated “A,” Class X, or better in the most recent Best’s Key Insurance Rating Guide, and approved by City:

  • Review of insurance requirements The Majority Lenders shall be entitled to review the requirements of this Clause 13 from time to time in order to take account of any changes in circumstances after the date of this Agreement which are, in the opinion of the Majority Lenders, significant and capable of affecting the Owners or the Ships and their insurance (including, without limitation, changes in the availability or the cost of insurance coverage or the risks to which the Owners may be subject), and may appoint insurance consultants in relation to this review at the cost of the Borrower.

  • Minimum Limits of Insurance Consultant shall maintain limits no less than: (1) General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury and property damage. If Commercial General Liability Insurance or other form with general aggregate limit is used including, but not limited to, form CG 2503, either the general aggregate limit shall apply separately to this Agreement/location or the general aggregate limit shall be twice the required occurrence limit; (2)