2103 PERSONAL LEAVE Sample Clauses

2103 PERSONAL LEAVE. Each employee of the unit shall receive five (5) days of non-cumulative personal leave each year as long as he/she notifies his/her immediate supervisor in writing for approval, at least two days before each leave, when possible, and his/her work commitments are provided for. If such leave request is disapproved by the immediate supervisor, an appeal may be made to the appropriate Vice President. The approval of such leave shall not be unreasonably denied. All personal leave accruals can only be used by the employee in half-day or full-day units.

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  • Personal Leave Personal leave not to exceed three days a year shall be granted each teacher. Teachers hired after the start of the school year shall be entitled to a pro-rated number of days. Teachers working less than full-time will be pro-rated for personal days to the nearest half- day. Personal leave may be used for such occasions as religious holidays, personal graduations and weddings, and graduations and weddings of members of the immediate family or household or personal business that cannot be performed at any other time. Personal leave is intended to cover emergency or other business that cannot be performed at any other time. The accumulation of personal leave for personnel on the teacher’s salary schedule shall not exceed five days. Accumulations in excess of five days, as of the first day of any school year shall be converted to sick leave and added to the member’s sick leave accumulation. Personal leave shall be requested in writing or verbally to the Human Resources Department because of the necessity of obtaining substitutes. Whenever feasible, such requests shall be made at least one week prior to the date requested for such leave. To obtain payment for personal leave, the employee shall enter the request via the internet or calling the Automated Substitute Management System using the individual PIN assigned when first registering with the system. Entering an absence by internet or calling in to the Automated Substitute Management System is considered a digital signature. Falsification of such form shall be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination. Requests for personal leave on the day immediately preceding or following a school vacation period will not be approved, except under very unusual circumstances. Personal leave can be granted only when no compensation is received by the employee from other than school funds. Personal leave shall be for personal business which cannot be performed at any other time. Except for personal leave immediately preceding or following a school vacation period, the teacher need not describe nor reveal the nature of such business, but need only state, in making the request, that the leave is necessary to attend to personal business which cannot be performed at any other time. Members of the bargaining unit employed on less than a full-time basis shall be entitled to such leave prorated according to their fraction of full-time employment.

  • Personal Leaves This section shall cover leaves of absences which are in excess of or not covered by the District’s Family Care and Medical Leave Policy or Pregnancy Disability Leave policy.

  • Paid Personal Leave A. During the first full pay period in each January, full-time employees on the payroll as of September 1, 2011 will be credited annually with paid personal leave credits at the following rate: Scheduled Hours per Week Personal Leave Credits 37.5 hours per week 37.500 hours 40.0 hours per week 40.000 hours Such personal leave may be taken during the following twelve (12) months at a time or times requested by the employee and approved by his/her Appointing Authority. Full-time employees hired or promoted into the bargaining unit after the first full pay period in January of each year will be credited with personal leave days in accordance with the following schedule: Date of Hire or Promotion Scheduled Hours per Week Personal Leave Credited January 1 – March 31 37.5 22.500 hours 40.0 24.000 hours April 1 – June 30 37.5 15.000 hours 40.0 16.000 hours July 1 – September 30 37.5 7.500 hours 40.0 8.000 hours October 1 – December 31 37.5 0 hours 40.0 0 hours

  • Extended Personal Leave a. A teacher who has fathered a child may apply for a child rearing leave for a period not to exceed the balance of the school year in which the child is born, and upon proper reapplication, one (1) succeeding school year. Such leave shall be considered as personal leave without pay.

  • Personal Leave Day Each employee who has been continuously employed by the College for more than four

  • Unpaid Personal Leave Unpaid personal leave, other than herein before specified, may be granted by the CEO, upon the written request of the employee, at least thirty (30) days in advance. Approval may not be unreasonably denied. Retirement, seniority, sick leave, vacation credit and time accrual for step increase shall not accrue during the term of such leave.

  • Personal Leave of Absence The Administrator may grant a request for leave of absence for personal reasons without pay provided that he receives at least one (1) month's clear notice, in writing, unless impossible, and provided that such leave may be arranged without undue inconvenience to the normal operations of the Nursing Home. Employees when applying for such leave shall indicate the proposed date of departure and return. Such leave shall not be unreasonably withheld.

  • Personal Leave With Pay Full-time employees who are eligible to accrue sick leave may use up to a maximum of six days personal leave with pay per year provided that such days shall be charged against the employee's currently accrued sick leave. This leave is non-cumulative.

  • Personal Leave Days Section 1. All employees after completion of six (6) months of service shall be entitled to receive personal leave days in the following manner:

  • Personal Leaves of Absence SRD includes the time an employee is on "leave", if the employee is on a: • personal leave of absence with pay; or • personal leave of absence without pay which is less than 15 working days; or • personal leave of absence without pay which is more than 15 working days and which was started on or after April 15, 1993 -- only that portion which was taken during the period from April 15, 1993 to August 31, 1997. • prepaid leave of absence, under the enhanced leaves of absence policy dated April 16, 1993, greater than eight (8) weeks.