200 Industrial Construction Projects Sample Clauses

200 Industrial Construction Projects. Article 4.200 shall apply to Industrial Construction projects only.

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  • Project Construction The Contractor agrees to provide continuous on-site supervision on each Job Order, while progress on the project is being accomplished. The Contractor’s Project Manager will ensure:

  • Interconnection Facilities Engineering Procurement and Construction Interconnection Facilities, Network Upgrades, and Distribution Upgrades shall be studied, designed, and constructed pursuant to Good Utility Practice. Such studies, design and construction shall be based on the assumed accuracy and completeness of all technical information received by the Participating TO and the CAISO from the Interconnection Customer associated with interconnecting the Large Generating Facility.

  • Contract Construction 6.27.1 The parties acknowledge that each party and its counsel have reviewed this CONTRACT and that the normal rule of construction to the effect that any ambiguities are to be resolved against the drafting party shall not be employed in the interpretation of this CONTRACT or any amendment or exhibits hereto.

  • PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE SERVICES The Pre-Construction Phase shall be deemed to commence upon the date specified in a written Notice to Proceed with Pre-Construction Phase Services issued by Owner and shall continue through completion of the Construction Documents and procurement of all major Subcontractor agreements. Contractor is not entitled to reimbursement for any costs incurred for Pre-Construction Phase Services performed before issuance of the written Notice to Proceed. Pre-Construction Phase Services may overlap Construction Phase Services. Contractor shall perform the following Pre-Construction Phase Services:

  • General Construction 20.2.1. Binding Nature.............................................. 20.2.2. Entire Agreement............................................ 20.2.3. Governing Law............................................... 20.2.4. Indulgences Not Waivers..................................... 20.2.5. Titles Not to Affect Interpretation......................... 20.2.6.

  • ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTIONS The Promoter undertakes that it has no right to make additions or to put up additional structure(s) anywhere in the Project after the building plan, layout plan, sanction plan and specifications, amenities and facilities has been approved by the competent authority(is) and disclosed, except for as provided in the Act.

  • Complete Agreement; Construction This Agreement, including the Exhibits, shall constitute the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and shall supersede all previous negotiations, commitments and writings with respect to such subject matter.

  • Design and Construction The System Upgrade Facilities shall be designed and constructed in accordance with Good Utility Practice. Within one hundred twenty (120) Calendar Days after the Commercial Operation Date, unless NYSEG and TrAILCo agree on another mutually acceptable deadline, TrAILCo shall deliver to NYSEG “as‐built” drawings, information, and documents for the System Upgrade Facilities, such as: a one‐line diagram, a site plan showing the HC - FMR Line (as segmented) and the System Upgrade Facilities, plan and elevation drawings showing the layout of the System Upgrade Facilities, a relay functional diagram, relaying AC and DC schematic wiring diagrams and relay settings for all facilities associated with TrAILCo’s step‐down transformers, the facilities connecting the HC - FMR Line to the step‐down transformers and the System Upgrade Facilities, and the impedances (determined by factory tests) for the associated step‐down transformers and the HC - FMR Line. NYSEG shall provide to TrAILCo, and coordinate with TrAILCo, with respect to proposed specifications for the HC - FMR Line control and protection settings, transformer tap settings, and communications, if applicable. NYSEG and TrAILCo shall confer with the NYISO and PJM regarding the transfer of operational control of the System Upgrade Facilities to the NYISO, or PJM, as applicable, upon completion of such facilities.

  • Construction Phase - Administration of the Construction Contract 1.6.1 The Construction Phase shall commence with the acceptance of the Construction Manager’s Guaranteed Maximum Price (or acceptance of a partial Guaranteed Maximum Price for a stage or phase) and issuance of a Notice to Proceed with Construction Services and terminate sixty (60) days after Final Payment to the Contractor is made, or when all of Architect/Engineer’s services have been satisfactorily performed, whichever occurs later.

  • Construction, Etc Each covenant contained herein shall be construed (absent express provision to the contrary) as being independent of each other covenant contained herein, so that compliance with any one covenant shall not (absent such an express contrary provision) be deemed to excuse compliance with any other covenant. Where any provision herein refers to action to be taken by any Person, or which such Person is prohibited from taking, such provision shall be applicable whether such action is taken directly or indirectly by such Person. For the avoidance of doubt, all Schedules and Exhibits attached to this Agreement shall be deemed to be a part hereof.