13th Floor Expansion Space Sample Clauses

13th Floor Expansion Space. Effective as of the 13th Floor Expansion Space Delivery Date defined below, by the addition of approximately 20,850 RSF (18,395 USF) of space on the 13th Floor of the Building, as depicted in blue on the diagram attached hereto as a part of Exhibit “A” (the “13th Floor Expansion Space”). The date on which the 13th Floor Expansion Space is delivered to the Lessee and added to the Leased Premises hereunder is referred to hereinafter as the “13th Floor Expansion Space Delivery Date”, and is expected to occur promptly after the Effective Date of this Amendment (the “Projected 13th Floor Expansion Space Delivery Date”).
13th Floor Expansion Space. Nothing in this Amendment is intended or shall be construed to modify any of the terms of the First Amendment that are applicable to the 13th Floor Expansion Space. For ease of reference, on the 1/2014 Commencement Date the Rentable Area of the Premises, with the addition of the 13th Floor Expansion Space, shall be increased to 109,863 square feet and Tenant’s Share of Operating Expenses shall be increased from 25.71% to 28.95%, as more particularly set forth in the First Amendment.