12 Paid Holidays Sample Clauses

12 Paid Holidays. Subject to board of director approval, you will also be entitled to employee stock options at a future date. The date as we discussed may be determined by the ultimate settlement of our class action lawsuits and other factors. The actual number of options granted, if any, will be determined at that time but will be commensurate with your employment position and you will be treated similar to other executive officers and employees in comparable positions. The HPL Employee Stock Option Plan or its successor will govern the terms of any stock option grant. You will be entitled to participate in an HPL company wide bonus plan and any executive bonus plan to be established at a future date. You will be treated comparable with the bonuses to be paid to other executive officers and vice presidents at similar level jobs with similar duties in the US. The actual amount of bonus (s), if any, is not guaranteed and the company reserves the right to terminate any company wide bonus or executive bonus plan at any time. The following documentation must be presented before becoming employed.